Code Café Online dinsdag 12 december

In dit Code cafe Online gaan we het hebben over backstage developer portals, OpenTelemetry tracing/ logging/ monitoring en Gitpod development environments. Een vrij technisch inhoudelijke sessie waar vooral voor software engineers, DEVOPS-engineers en architecten flink wat te halen valt. Aansluitend aan de sessie is er een hands-on workshop. 

30 november 2022   |   Evenement   |   Door: AMIS Conclusion


Code cafe

Ben jij erbij?

Presentators: Henk Jan van Wijk, Maarten Smeets, Bastiaan Sjardin
Datum: Monday 12 December 2022
Tijd: 17.00-18.00  (CET)
Doelgroep: application software & platform engineers, software architects, iedereen met een interesse voor IT.
Locatie: Teams Meeting

Meedoen kan door deel te nemen aan de Teams meeting. De voertaal tijdens dit Code Café is Engels.


  • Tailscale - Peer-to-peer mesh VPN or: secure, remote access to private resources - Henk Jan Van Wijk (15 min)
  • Generative AI: Stable Diffusion - generate images from text - Maarten Smeets (20 min)
  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform - Bastiaan Sjardin (25-30 min)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

Tailscale - Peer-to-peer mesh VPN
Tailscale is a VPN service which uses a peer-to-peer mesh network instead of a central VPN gateway using WireGuard. The service is free for personal projects. For business purpose, which also allows for more custom routing and authentication options, has a fee per user per month.

Using Tailscale will allow you to connect to remote devices and cloud environments with ease as if they are part of your own personal network. You can use it for instance to securely connect from anywhere to your home NAS server or other devices on your home network. When a device is in the Tailscale network, you can remotely access it just as if you are at home, like connecting to it using a remote desktop or through ssh. You can use it, for example, instead of a service like Teamviewer for accessing remote PCs.

Or you can use it to connect to a cloud development environment like Gitpod to allow access to resources which are normally not accessible from that environment because they are behind a firewall. Or you can even create your own cloud development environment using code-server running on a VM which you can lockdown to be only accessible through Tailscale.

In this presentation Henk Jan will explain in more detail what Tailscale is and, of course, show a demo with some use cases to show you how easy it is to use Tailscale.

Generative AI: Stable Diffusion.
Description: Stable Diffusion is a free open-source text to image generator. The model has been trained on 6 billion text and image pairs scraped from the internet (filtered for aestheticly pleasing material). Maarten will demonstrate how someone with little artistic insight (=himself) can generate usable images and manipulate existing images with features like inpainting, outpainting and upscaling.

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
This session introduces the 3rd public cloud: Google Cloud Platform. What is GCP? How does it compare to AWS and Azure? Based on a customer case, Bastiaan shares design decisions and shows a services-matrix that maps GCP services to their counterparts in AWS and Azure. He will demonstrate the GCP console and gives a quick overview of how to get started. Bastiaan discusses learning paths: roadmaps to get skilled in understanding and using GCP services. We will talk about VMs and Serverless (Functions) and focus on the AI & MLOps services selected for the business case. The session should provide insight in when and how to use GCP and how to get going when you decide to embark on that journey.