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The future is sustainable and digital. We embrace our responsibility to speed up the transition to a sustainable future. Sustainability is a task for us all, including you. Our mission is therefore to do business sustainably: let’s bring IT and sustainability in symbiosis.

Conclusion Cares

Our vision on doing business sustainably

Conclusion foresees a future in which IT supports a sustainable existence for people and the planet and plays an important role in resolving social issues. By focusing on the relationship between IT and sustainability, we strengthen the commitment of our employees, customers and partners. In this way, we can speed up the transition. At the same time, we accept our responsibility to address the adverse impact of IT on the world, and to discuss IT-related ethical issues.

The Conclusion ecosystem uses its services, knowledge, and innovative power proactively and enterprisingly to help customers make responsible choices and fulfil their future visions and sustainability goals. We do this through a data-driven approach, concrete and sustainable IT solutions, and transparency.


No single entity can seize and solve the opportunities and challenges of the sustainable and digital world alone. Collaborating with partners based on a shared vision is the key to achieving a more sustainable, equitable, and diverse living environment for us all. Our services strive to balance the opposing constructive and challenging aspects of the digital world. This puts us in an excellent position to play a connecting and facilitating role in sustainable partnerships, a role we are excited to embrace.
In this way, we can support society in the journey towards a sustainable future.
If you would like to discuss the relationship between IT and sustainability, please arrange a meeting with Maaike, our sustainability director.

sustainable development goals

Focus on sustainable development goals

Conclusion's sustainability strategy is linked to the United Nations SDG's. We have set our strategic long-term ambitions for four SDG's. These form the basis of our sustainability approach. Two SDG's describe the way we collaborate internally and externally. Read below how we put this into practice.

Our services

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What we do ourselves

Conclusion has adopted three SDGs for our internal sustainability approach. In doing so, we are taking great strides. After all, a better world starts with yourself.

Conclusion Cares | Sustainability report 2023

Sustainability Report 2023

Corporate sustainability is in our DNA. We've been saying this for years, with more conviction and supporting reasons year on year. The way we implement this has evolved significantly in recent years. In our second sustainability report we describe our mission and vision, strategy, approach and results.

Sustainable ecosystem

Sustainable ecosystem

The more than 25 expert companies in our ecosystem each have their own culture and focus on customers and markets. That’s why they also have their own specific sustainability policy in addition to the approach taken by Conclusion as a whole. This policy ties in with their services and operational processes. It is also linked to the SDGs. In this way, we ensure that we all speak the same language.

Conclusion Cares | Sustainable economy

Facts and figures

Our approach to sustainability is expressed in figures, results, agreements, and accountability. Conclusion adheres to all applicable national and regional laws and regulations.

Solving major social issues together: building sustainable ecosystems

Maaike Maranus - van de Vrande

Maaike Maranus - van de Vrande

Director Sustainability