Conclusion Cares

As our business grows, so too does our responsibility. The aim of the Conclusion Cares programme is to give direction to the way we do business sustainably: our operational processes, our services, and our collaborations. We are working to improve social prosperity and to create a sustainable future for our children.

Conclusion Cares

Enabler of sustainability

IT as the engine for sustainability and corporate social responsibility – with our range of services, we are a catalyst for solutions. We wish to provide a service that can benefit society as a whole and are proud to develop solutions for societal challenges, including in public transport, healthcare, government and public authorities, and the energy transition.

Expanding horizons by nature

We want to broaden the horizon of customers who take responsibility and want to reach their full potential. We combine vision and precision in our business. The reason we’re good at this is embedded in our very nature. Conclusion operates as an organic ecosystem that responds flexibly to changes. Let’s explore new paths together, off the beaten track. 

sustainable development goals

Focus on sustainable development goals

Conclusion's sustainability strategy is linked to the United Nations SDG's. We have set our strategic long-term ambitions for four SDG's. These form the basis of our sustainability approach. Two SDG's describe the way we collaborate internally and externally. Read below how we put this into practice.

Our services

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What we do ourselves

Conclusion has adopted three SDGs for our internal sustainability approach. In doing so, we are taking great strides. After all, a better world starts with yourself.

Conclusion Cares | Sustainability report

Sustainability report

Conclusion considers sustainable enterprise to be of paramount importance. But what does it actually mean? How do we approach it and what are the themes and different initiatives? And what is the common thread running through it all? Read all about it in Conclusion’s sustainability report.

Sustainable ecosystem

Sustainable ecosystem

The more than 25 expert companies in our ecosystem each have their own culture and focus on customers and markets. That’s why they also have their own specific sustainability policy in addition to the approach taken by Conclusion as a whole. This policy ties in with their services and operational processes. It is also linked to the SDGs. In this way, we ensure that we all speak the same language.

Conclusion Cares | Sustainable economy

Facts and figures

Our approach to sustainability is expressed in figures, results, agreements, and accountability. Conclusion adheres to all applicable national and regional laws and regulations.

Solving major social issues together: building sustainable ecosystems

Maaike Maranus - van de Vrande

Maaike Maranus - van de Vrande

Director Sustainability