How we help our customers

Conclusion believes in the value of IT as a catalyst for sustainable solutions. We have linked our services to SDG9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure. We provide these services to customers at the heart of society, such as those concerned with public transport, healthcare, government and public authorities, and the energy transition. 

Conclusion Cares | How we help our customers

Innovation partner

We respond to the digitization and sustainability issues of today and tomorrow through innovation. As an IT partner, we make the most of our innovative power. We call it being an ‘innovation partner’. Knowledge sharing, collaboration, and co-creation form the basis. In the interests of our customers and wider society.

A good infrastructure

Infrastructure includes transport, roads, and irrigation as well as energy and information and communication technology. Improving infrastructure requires technological progress. We therefore continuously assess – via the Conclusion Architecture Board – what we can do better, improving efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability. One way we promote this is through our Code Café

Where we’re headed

In 2025, we will have achieved the following ambitious goals:  

  1. Contributing to customers’ sustainability strategy
    By 2025, Conclusion will have made proven positive contributions to its customers’ sustainability strategy with its services and innovative solutions. 

  2. More sustainable projects and services
    In 2025, we will see that a large proportion of Conclusion’s turnover is attributable to sustainable projects and services. 

SDG 9 in practice

IoT-platform protects bird at Windpark Maasvlakte 2

IoT-platform protects bird at Windpark Maasvlakte 2

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Maaike Maranus - van de Vrande

Maaike Maranus - van de Vrande

Director Sustainability