How we collaborate

Ecosystems are built on collaborations. We have linked SDG8 - Fair work and economic growth and SDG17 - Partnership to achieve goals to 'How we collaborate'. Everyone is reliant on one another and on our environment. If you find a way to get something out of this dependency, you are successful. Often, this success also leads to benefits for other parties involved. That’s collaboration as nature intended it. Let’s build sustainable ecosystems.

How we collaborate at Conclusion Cares


Fair work and economic growth

Conclusion strives for sustainable and efficient economic growth with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, people and the environment. We not only look at the impact for our shareholders, but also for our employees, clients, partners and society. We invest in social responsibility, our environment, innovation, ethical leadership and a sustainable company culture.

Building sustainable ecosystems

Our business philosophy and strategy are based on an ecosystem approach: ecosystem by nature. The way we work and who we are differentiates us from others. We actively promote our philosophy in networks and in discussions with experts. We initiate connections regarding social issues in order to work in co-creation on solutions to societal challenges.

Building Sustainable Ecosystems

Conclusion Building Sustainable Ecosystems

How do we shape the world of tomorrow together? And how does a ecosystem-mindset contribulte to a sustainable future? Conclusion activates customers and (technology)partners to inspire each other.

Where we’re headed

We feel good in our role as connector. This is reflected in our internal and external collaborations as follows:

Initiating and participating in sustainability networks

Conclusion initiates and actively participates in sustainability networks. We talk to customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders about a concrete approach to sustainability issues. We then implement the results of these conversations in practice. At the bottom of this page, we highlight our collaboration with Anders Reizen and our participation in the SDG Nederland community.

Partnerships that add value

Conclusion specifically seeks out collaborative partners who can add expertise that we do not possess or do not have enough of. That way, we jointly make a greater positive contribution to society or sustainability goals. We highlight the World cITizens @ Work programme for status holders, with job guarantee, at SDG's 8 and 17 in practice.

Donating knowledge and money

Conclusion donates knowledge and money to social initiatives without expecting anything in return. Each year, our ‘Who Cares?!’ sponsor programme encourages our employees to become involved in a social purpose project in their community. The winners earn a considerable sum of money for their chosen charity.

Sustainability linked loan

Conclusion has deliberately chosen for a portion of the interest on our loan to be linked to achieving our sustainable targets. These goals are firmly embedded in our overall business management and operating philosophy. As an organization, we want to pursue sustainable growth and contribute to a healthy world for people and the environment. Commitment is an important part of that. That is what we are emphasizing by entering into the sustainability-linked loan.

SDG 8 and 17 in practice

Conclusion will train refugees to become IT professionals with a guaranteed job

Learn-work programme for status holders with job guarantee

National Coalition for Sustainable Digitalization

Conclusion participates in the National Sustainable Digitization Coalition (NCDD). This partnership between government, business, civil society organizations, and educational and research institutions has the ambition to remove the main obstacles around sustainable digitization. The transition to a sustainable society requires a substantial effort from all these organizations and demands an integrated approach to achieve a resilient digital economy.

Our collaboration with Anders Reizen

Additional to joining the Anders Reizen coalition we started collaborating closely. For instance, we organized a hackathon together in 2022. The overall question being: how can we achieve zero-emission mobility and what roles do innovation and technology have? The hackathon offered a way-of-working in which creativity, knowledge and expertise thrived. 35 companies joined the hackathon and some collaborations even resulted in real pilots.

Conclusion participates in the community SDG Netherlands

Since 2017, our sustainability approach has been linked to 3 SDGs: • SDG 3 – Good health and well-being • SDG 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure • SDG 13 – Climate action In 2021, we added SDG10 - Reduce inequality. We have linked SDG8 - Fair work and economic growth and SDG17 - Partnership to achieve goals to 'How we collaborate'.

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IT is the facilitator for our transformation to a sustainable society.

Pim van Asch

Sustainability manager