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Business continuity

Resilient, agile, and always available.

Keeping the world turning. 24/7

Regardless of your digital business ambitions, you need to be able to rely on your systems. For business-critical processes, the standards are even higher. At Conclusion, we elevate all critical IT and OT to the highest level.

Business-critical systems

Every day, millions of people in the Netherlands are dependent on the availability of energy, water, logistics, public transport, information, and much, much more. Critical IT systems play an indispensable role in this. We think that everything should work as it should. Failure is not an option.

Always in control

To ensure the availability, agility, and resilience of critical IT, we always take the current situation as the starting point. We implement innovations in a controlled manner and guarantee the continuity of your processes. At the same time, we develop improvements and innovations to support your ambitions.

Peace of mind

For us, making life easier for our clients takes on another meaning: we call it Peace of Mind as a Service. It means we take care of things, so you don’t have to.

Continuous availability as a foundation

Since 2012, Conclusion has been making sure that the timetable can run as promised. This is about availability, all the time.

What we do
  • We offer 24/7 IT services so that you can keep your organization – be that staffing, processes, or technology – up and running, day and night.

  • We offer multidisciplinary support in operations, client satisfaction, availability, agility, resilience, and problem solving.

  • And we implement innovations and differentiations that will help you stay competitive in your market or sector.

  • We create insights into and overviews of the entire chain: from IT infrastructure to data integration, and from application environment to business processes.

  • We show you the future based on the predictability of our services: you know where you stand.

  • We take an in-depth look at your business and processes and assume ownership, which means we really get involved in your thought and development processes.

  • We coordinate all parties involved, including third parties.
What’s in it for you?
Guaranteed business continuity
Significant reduction of disruptions
Healthy and scalable IT/OT environment
Correct distribution of IT resources
An end to inefficiencies and hidden costs
Optimal use of private, hybrid, and public clouds
Peace of mind and safety
Where to start?

You can come to us with any question, at any stage, and for any portfolio. All you have to do is ask. We are here to review, launch, implement, and manage your project – regardless of your starting point.

Harness the power of our ecosystem

Critical IT available ‘24/7’, agile and resilient. When downtime is not an option.

  • Mission & Business Critical private cloud
  • Application & database management
  • Network services
  • IT for production and logistics (OT) services
  • AWS cloud integration migration & management

Business Continuity is one of the eight themes that help us to answer your questions about digitalization and transformation.  

Want to know more about Business Continuity and our Peace of Mind as a Service?

Marc de Beer

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