TWO model

Digital transformation affects all facets of organizations and their environment. Using our TWO Model, we bring these issues into coherent focus and form the basis for the dialogue that kick-starts our partnership.

Controlling resilience, agility, and distinction

Digital transformation is vital for almost every organization, both to consolidate your current position and to build a bridge to the future. While you need to get to grips with your legacy, you also need to focus on developing new technological applications. Regardless of these differences, there is one common denominator: successfully deploying digital technology is never about pushing one single button. Every decision is connected to what’s happening elsewhere in the organization. Compare it to the movements on a chess board: each move depends on the position of the other pieces. Our TWO Model follows this type of interaction.

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TWO model in brief

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‘What determines my course?’

More and more clients contact us looking for a strategic partner for large and complex challenges. But to be that partner, we need a tool to effectively conduct a conversation on digital strategy formation. Strategy is never a goal in itself: you want to work towards concrete acceleration and improvement.

Navigating from coherence to future-oriented decisions

We apply the TWO Model together with our clients’ business and IT management. After all, our clients are the ones responsible for the complex challenges in their current IT landscape and the issues surrounding digital transformation. The TWO Model identifies opportunities and dilemmas from strategy and connects them to implementation and results

Why TWO?

The name TWO is rich in meaning. First of all, it’s the abbreviation for Technology, Working Method, and Organization. These three terms are inextricably linked in the spectrum of change and digitalization. Getting technology to really work also depends on the design of your organization, the skills you have in-house, and the culture that will support the change. People, technology, and organization fit together and reinforce each other.

TWO also stands for ‘together’ – after all, it takes two to tango. This is based on the idea that, as an individual or team, you can’t have everything in place for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Constantly changing knowledge, possibilities, and capabilities also mean this is unrealistic.

From analysis to strategy

To find the desired solutions together, we use the TWO Model to identify the major dilemmas and set priorities in the approach on that basis. We perform a coherent analysis of your situation to produce a suitable digital strategy.

Having a common language for business and IT management is an additional benefit, as it means these two elements are more in sync. This produces a more clear-cut, shared starting point with a map of dependencies and dilemmas, so you know you have the most effective basis on which to make informed decisions.

Developed from practice

As a culmination of ideas, the TWO Model was developed by Conclusion’s vast team of experienced leaders and experts. The model was then benchmarked against popular models for digital transformation offered by major knowledge partners. We worked closely with Hans van Grieken, who was previously involved in the creation of several popular strategy models by Deloitte, Gartner, and Capgemini. Lastly, the TWO Model was tested in a series of meetings with clients, consultancy agencies, and account teams of Conclusion.

From strategy to real implementation

As Conclusion, we have a reputation to uphold when it comes to our hands-on mentality. Where some talk about future plans, we make them concrete and carry them out. In other words: we plot the course and follow through on it. We also get that feedback on the TWO Model: ‘Up there with the other major models for digital transformation, only more concrete and applicable, as it allows you to translate strategy into a practical roadmap.’ Working from a concrete thought model toward concrete implementation is the key to unlocking profit.

How we work together

We like to use the TWO Model as a tool for dialogue – often in a facilitated workshop, with a representative selection of stakeholders This could be a board of directors, if you’re working on an integral new vision for your digital strategy, or the management team of a business line that wants to determine the next step in its evolution. Experts from Conclusion or other partners often take part in the dialogue. In all cases, we supervise the sessions and translate the output into a developed digital strategy.

Let’s start TWO!

There’s no better way of explaining the model than by applying it to your business. During an initial meeting, we establish what your specific question and issues are, and what output you have in mind. We link this to an initial exploration of the substantive themes and dilemmas linked to your question. We use the information from this initial meeting to make a proposal, which includes elements such as work format, participants, steps, deliverables, planning, and investment. If you’re interested, it takes no time to schedule an appointment with us!

Navigating a clear roadmap with our TWO Model

Anneke Zijlstra

Anneke Zijlstra

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