Business continuity

Wherever your digital business ambitions lie, you must be able to rely on your crucial IT systems. At Conclusion, we make sure your critical IT operates at peak performance 24/7, so you can focus on the road ahead with confidence. 

Thema | Business Continuity

Always in control

To ensure the availability, agility, and resilience of critical IT, we always take the current situation as the starting point. We implement innovations in a controlled manner and guarantee the continuity of your business. At the same time, we develop improvements and innovations to support your ambitions. Always in control, which enables you to maintain the interaction between continuity and innovation.

(Business) critical systems

Every day, millions of people in the Netherlands are dependent on the availability of energy, water, logistics, public transport, and much, much more. Critical IT systems play an indispensable role in this. We think that everything should work as it should. Downtime is not an option.

TWO model: connect business and IT

Our TWO Model follows this type of interaction. The TWO Model makes the connection between your business and IT themes clear and understandable. Whatever your query, Conclusion is here to review, launch, implement, and manage your project – regardless of your starting point.

Business continuity

Business continuity: in brief

IT plays a key role in any business, but even more so if remaining operational 24/7 has to be guaranteed. What are the crucial business processes where downtime is not an option for your organization? Watch the animation to see how we approach business continuity.

What’s in it for you?

Guaranteed business continuity
Optimal and secure use of private, hybrid, and public clouds
Transparency. We eliminate inefficiencies and hidden costs
A healthy and scalable IT/OT environment, with the right distribution of IT resources
Significant reduction in disruptions
A good night's sleep, safety, and space to focus on innovation

What are the benefits of our approach?

We offer 24/7 IT services so that you can keep your organization up and running, day and night. This is built on the people, process and technology framework.


Our teams know customers’ processes and business impact through and through. Strategy and implementation go hand-in-hand with each other. This concentration of knowledge accelerates high-impact responses, and allows you to think one essential step ahead to optimally support your processes.


The organization of Conclusion Mission Critical is comprised of two models which together guarantee availability, agility and resilience in every situation. One model is focused on stability, safety, and accuracy; the other on agility, dexterity, and speed. These are optimally combined for each customer, to provide the best solution in every individual situation. An important part of this organization is the 24/7 Mission Critical Operations Center, which operates from the Netherlands. The continuity of all critical services and processes is monitored and managed from here, to ensure all IT systems are available and resilient at all times.


We design, implement, and manage high-quality critical IT environments, both on-premises and in the cloud (private, public, or hybrid), where we rely on a combination of premium products, open source players, and proprietary software.

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Eneco Conclusion Case Working together on an adaptive and connected enterprise

Working together on an adaptive and connected enterprise

Your business under control and ready for the future

In the Conclusion ecosystem, Conclusion Mission Critical is the IT expert when it comes to supporting critical processes at the heart of Dutch society. It works 24/7 to support IT environments where security, flexibility, and availability are of vital importance. In control today, innovate for tomorrow.

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A successful digital transformation is never about pushing a single button. Our service harnesses the power of interaction. Get to know our nine themes and our unique TWO model.

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Marc de Beer

Marc de Beer