D&A helps SEIN with digitalization

SEIN is the expertise centre for epilepsy and sleep medicine. With thirteen outpatient clinics, two clinics for long-term admissions and extensive studies, three sleep-wake centres, and three residential locations, SEIN helps its clients and patients learn to live as full a life as possible with epilepsy and/or sleeping disorders. SEIN is therefore an institute that provides both outpatient and long-term care. Bianca Berghuis, CMIO, Neurologist and Trainer at SEIN talks to us about the considerations when deciding to invest in digitalization.






Date published

24 maart 2023

SEIN's digitalization journey

Why is SEIN investing in digitalization?

Half of the staff at SEIN were already working in an EHR (in Dutch: EPD). The other half were still working ‘on paper’. Because of SEIN’s size and its many locations, there was an increasing need to invest further in digitalization. The existing EHR was no longer being developed further. In addition, SEIN had a clear desire to be more aligned with its supply chain partners in order to simplify data exchange. This resulted in the purchase of HiX.

Once purchased, it was time for the implementation. The implementation process was supported by consultants from D&A. One of the project members had worked with D&A before, to their satisfaction, which naturally led to the collaboration. With their expertise and experience, the consultants were able to give solid guidance to the project.

At the start of the project, for example, they paid considerable attention to processes. Now that the implementation is complete, we realize just how important this step is and how easy it is to rush through it. It is great to receive the necessary support and go through the implementation step by step. Furthermore, it is all too easy to focus on content and functions and pay less than the required amount of attention on the aspect of change. With their knowledge in this area, D&A made sure that this aspect received the attention it deserves, and supported us with this task.

‘Now – so soon after going live – it's clear that the decision to invest in digitalization will really help achieve our objectives.’

Bianca Berghuis, CMIO

How has SEIN already benefited from it?

Prior to the implementation, we considered our objectives carefully. Implementation of the new EPD has enabled us to set up our processes effectively, work more efficiently, and achieve greater uniformity in the way we work. Employees are supported in their tasks and, at the same time, we can improve the quality of our care. In addition, it is now possible to exchange data digitally with some of our supply chain partners; for example, we can now receive lab results digitally from several laboratories.

 Now – so soon after going live – it's clear that the decision to invest in digitalization will really help us achieve our objectives. At first, we thought it would be quite a big step for the nursing team to switch from paper to digital. But the nurses are embracing this new way of working and think it is fantastic. The structure of the software helps them work more accurately and this improves the quality of registrations. It is also useful to be able to read the reference information with other disciplines. In my own work as a neurologist, I have noticed greater efficiency. I save time on administrative tasks as I can reuse data easily. In addition, clients themselves can register epileptic seizures digitally by using the portal linked to the EPD. I can then compare this information to the medication used. This allows me to provide targeted treatment, which improves the quality of the care that the client receives.

What else does SEIN want to do?

At the moment, the EPD is being further optimized. Due to our focus on epilepsy and sleep medicine, we have specific requirements when it comes to using the EPD. We also pay continuous attention to long-term adoption and establishing a clear and straightforward working method.


The HiX project was the catalyst for the creation of the CMIO position at SEIN. Now that the EPD has gone live, we will also consider further options. Because one thing is certain: SEIN will be investing further in digitalization.

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