Senior Developer
Development en TechSeniorNaarden32 - 40 uur

Senior Developer

Development en TechSeniorNaarden32 - 40 uur
Join the team of Key Control Dashboard as a Senior Developer
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To continue providing excellent service to our clients, we are looking for a Senior Developer. In this role, you are responsible for the technical realization of developing and maintaining our software, together with a team based in both the Netherlands and South-Africa.

As a Senior Developer, you are responsible for influencing, designing, and building roadmap items. You are hands-on in resolving technically complex issues for our customers, collaborating with our development team. You consistently consider the 'bigger picture' for both our customers and for KCD. There are ample opportunities within KCD to truly leverage your specific skills and qualities. If a new technique or framework seems promising, or if you identify a challenge that KCD must confront directly, take the initiative and tackle it! Let’s make the world data-driven.
But that's not all! We also encourage you to explore new opportunities and possibilities for the future of fully data-driven solutions.

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Jouw vaardigheden

As a Senior Developer, you have numerous opportunities, freedom, and the ability to shape the future. We have confidence in your ability to do what is necessary. For that, you need to possess:

  • Relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree and 5+ years of experience as a Senior Developer or Lead Developer; 
  • Experience in mentoring of developers; 
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience with Data & Software Security; 
  • Knowledge of C#,.NET full stack, MS SQL Server and Azure; 
  • Knowledge of API management; 
  • Strong communication skills, in English; 
  • And last but not least: you live in the Netherlands

Wat krijg je van ons?

We value clarity: the salary range for this position is between € 3.500 and € 5.000 (depending on your knowledge and experience). Additionally, you will receive a mobility allowance that you may use in a green and responsible manner (for example, by opting for an electric lease car). 

Furthermore, you can expect that all basic matters are perfectly arranged. This includes a good lunch, a fast MacBook, phone, an excellent pension plan, and smooth handling of salary and expenses.

But that's not all! What truly sets us apart is our way of working:

  • You are encouraged to be completely yourself and do not need to conform to a certain image or stereotype. We appreciate you just as you are. 
  • You are provided with ample space and opportunities to grow and learn. Together, we will explore your talents and further develop them. 
  • You largely determine where and when you work. We believe in a good work-life balance, so we assist you in setting up your home workspace well and responsibly. But we go even further: you can even work remotely from your favorite holiday destination! 
  • You can participate in many fun activities with colleagues. We have a company trip or a Hackathon every other year, a Cultural FriYay every month, and regularly organize other (sporting, interesting, educational) events. 
  • And if you want to take a break at the office, you can always challenge your colleague to a game of darts, table football, or table tennis. Or you can take the Yellowtail office bike for a ride around Naarderbos!
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Onze identiteit

Wij combineren kennis van business, IT en UX met innovatievermogen en implementatiekracht
Al 20 jaar ontwerpen, bouwen en beheren wij spelbepalende, digitale en data-gedreven software-oplossingen voor de financiële sector. Onze missie is het verbeteren van de kwaliteit van het financiële leven van de consument. De producten en diensten van Yellowtail Conclusion helpen om consumenten te activeren, handelingsvermogen te geven en vertrouwen te geven in het maken van (betere) financiële beslissingen. Onze focus ligt daarbij op een ultieme klantervaring. Daarnaast hebben wij dankzij onze domeinfocus ook diepgaande expertise van onderliggende bedrijfsprocessen, data en technologie, zoals robotics en machine learning. Tegelijkertijd zijn we sterk gericht op STP-verwerking en robotisering van complexe datastromen om onnodige stappen en handmatig werk te elimineren. Dit alles ter vereenvoudiging van bedrijfsprocessen in het belang van de klant.

Liane van den Toorn, corporate recruiter bij Yellowtail
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