Adaptive enterprise applications

It’s essential to respond quickly and effectively to continuous change, and this requires a robust and flexible ERP system. Conclusion advises and supports companies transitioning to a standard ERP with preparation, implementation, and adoption.

ERP-systeem | Adaptive Enterprise Applications

Build a sustainable ERP system

The faster the pace of development, the faster your ERP landscape becomes outdated. Individual solutions that compensate ageing have a negative impact on agility. A standard cloud-based or on-premises ERP system is an essential building block for harnessing the interaction between business and IT.

TWO model: connect business and IT

Our TWO Model follows this type of interaction. The TWO Model makes the connection between your business and IT themes clear and understandable. Whatever your query, Conclusion is here to review, launch, implement, and manage your project – regardless of your starting point.

Adaptive enterprise applications: in brief

Adaptive enterprise applications: in brief

What steps should you take towards to achieve a modern ERP environment? These are decisions that affect the long-term, but are they the right ones? Check out our approach.

What are the benefits of our approach?

A robust, future-proof ERP platform.
A solution architecture that fits the established roadmap.
A guaranteed working method through end-to-end process support based on best practices.
A low-code environment that distinguishes your organization.
A consistent and recognizable user interface that all users can confidently navigate.
A solid foundation for your sustainability ambitions.

How we do it

Based on the 'five golden rules', we look at whether the solution will be realized in ERP, process changes, or low-code solutions.

Analysis of critical processes

We present the best practices from the solution, and assess how they connect to your business processes.

Implement and manage your ERP system

After a successful implementation, we’re happy to stay on board to help you further develop and manage the solution.

Advice on value creation

Good advice helps you to look at things from multiple perspectives. Do you want to create sustainable added value for your organization, or replicate what you already have?

Roadmap of the transition process

With the end goal in our sights, we jointly create a roadmap for the transition. This is a step-by-step process focused on adoption by the organization.

Implementation process within budgetary frameworks

Should you go for a non-standard route, or adapt the process at your organization to make it suitable for the solution? We identify the impact on the project budget to substantiate the decisions.

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