Mateco is realising international synergy in business processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Digital transformation is on the agenda at mateco, a rental platform for aerial work platforms. But in creating a digital workspace the organisation had to face a major challenge: creating global synergy between different countries, eliminating fragmented business processes and working with a single software solution. mateco brought in the knowledge and expertise of Conclusion MBS to achieve this. Together they put their shoulders to the wheel. The result? mateco achieved a much higher level of efficiency with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.




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26 april 2022

Fragmented business processes in various countries 

With a rental fleet of more than 30,000 machines in more than 140 locations in Europe, South America and Asia, mateco is a leading provider of aerial work platforms for the rental market. It was important that the digital transformation ensured that mateco continues to develop and achieve profitable growth. A prerequisite for this is synergy in the working method in different countries. However, it was not easy to realise this. For example, business processes were fragmented due to many takeovers and offices in different countries. There was also no standard way of working, and a range of different software solutions was used. The wheel was reinvented every time, and that was something that needed to change. 

Global cooperation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Then it was time to look at the context processes, such as finance, trade and back-office service management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 was quickly chosen to shape the digital transformation. Why? It is a proven standard software and cloud solution, and offers mateco the scalability and agility it needs for the transformation. And, more importantly: Microsoft Dynamics integrates easily with the application architecture. Conclusion MBS implemented the Microsoft software in a standardised way. Shaping business processes within this standard was the way to realise global synergy.

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International synergy in business processes with Dynamics 365

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Conclusion MBS shows creativity and flexibility in finding the right resources for our project.

Didier Dhaenens, CIO mateco

Why did mateco choose Microsoft Dynamics?

To shape the digital transformation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was simply the best choice. Read more about the question and the approach in this customer case.


Clientcase: mateco realising international synergy in business processes

Big steps in digital transformation

mateco did not shy away from the challenge of this transformation process, and the results speak for themselves. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now being used successfully in all countries.

The results of the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 show in multiple areas, and mateco is taking significant steps in the digital transformation. Offices worldwide collaborate more easily. There is also more insight at group level into what is happening across the board. Bottom line, this means that employees have more time to focus on mateco's core business.

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