Conclusion launches Conclusion Intelligence, bundling its data and intelligence expertise

Conclusion Intelligence strengthens Conclusion’s position as business improvement and innovation leader

Business Transformation and IT Service Provider Conclusion proudly announces the launch of Conclusion Intelligence. Conclusion Intelligence combines the forces of several Conclusion Ecosystem companies that focus on data and cutting-edge tech – e.g. AI and GenAI – to power business improvement and innovation. Combining their expertise, Hot Item, Mediaan, AMIS, Future Facts, and DataTrust are boosting their competitive edge. Conclusion Intelligence, with over 500 professionals and many years of experience, now ranks as the Netherlands’ biggest, most effective business improvement and innovation expert.

May 23rd, 2024   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Conclusion Intelligence

Leading the way in data and intelligence 

The launch of Conclusion Intelligence is Conclusion's response to the pressing organizational demand for data and intelligence-driven solutions to complex business improvement problems. That covers, for instance, optimized workforce planning in a tight job market, cutting costs with smart data use as the basis of growth, timely CSRD implementation for hassle-free compliance and reporting, real-time decision-making based on high-quality data, and the strategic deployment of new technologies such as AI and IoT. Conclusion is confident the launch will strengthen its leadership position in a fiercely competitive and fast-growing market. Conclusion Intelligence’s solutions boost organizational resilience, agility, and excellence, which enhances business performance and innovative capacity.  

The companies that comprise Conclusion Intelligence maintain operational independence but intensify their current collaboration to provide an even more comprehensive range of services. Closer collaboration creates a synergy that benefits customers through enhanced end-to-end support and stress relief for business problem-solving.  

Geesje Boon, Conclusion Intelligence Director: “By combining the forces of five expert companies, more than 500 professionals work daily to realise and implement our clients' ambitions. Our expertise puts us at the forefront of promoting data-driven operations, including recent developments in the data field such as GenAI, the EU AI Act, CRSD-related laws and regulations, Intelligent IoT, advanced data integration, and any relevant data-based business and technology developments. I'm incredibly excited about providing clients with even better business improvement support and co-creating innovative solutions together under the banner of Conclusion Intelligence.”  

Seger Theuns, Conclusion Nederland Director: “The launch of Conclusion Intelligence is a logical step toward solidifying our position as the data and intelligence-driven business transformation market leader. The playing field is becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, we need to work smarter and faster to help our clients smoothly navigate change. By combining the expertise of five companies, we become a one-stop solution provider for all our clients’ data-related business needs. The companies within Conclusion Intelligence are all uniquely equipped to develop and implement rock-solid data applications. As a team, they can make an even bigger and better difference for our clients.”  

About Conclusion Intelligence

Conclusion Intelligence is the biggest data intelligence expert in the Netherlands, effectively improving business performance. Using an organization’s vision and strategy as a springboard, Conclusion Intelligence implements smart data applications that simplify decision-making, optimize processes, and drive innovation. 500+ professionals team up to make our clients’ ambitions a reality every day.

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