Rijkswaterstaat chooses Conclusion and Quanza for the management of its mission-critical infrastructure

IT service providers Conclusion and Quanza have signed an agreement with Rijkswaterstaat to manage the organization’s mission-critical network infrastructure. Conclusion Mission Critical, part of Conclusion, will be responsible for operational service integration and governance. Quanza will be in charge of the design, management and maintenance of the network. Both organizations specialize in providing mission-critical services to organizations which play an important role in Dutch society. Rijkswaterstaat aligns perfectly with this trend. The collaboration is set for an initial period of five years, with an option to renew three times, every two years. 

May 8th, 2024   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


V.l.n.r: Ron Kolkman (CIO, Rijkswaterstaat), Judith Tolk (CCO, Quanza), Martijn Wijnen (Directeur Generaal, Rijkswaterstaat), Seger Theuns (Managing Director, Conclusion), Marc de Beer (Director, Conclusion Mission Critical), Gert Heysteeg (Board Member, Conclusion) en Adriaan Schutte (Directeur IRN, Rijkswaterstaat)

An innovative combination of physical and digital infrastructure

Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the management of major roads and waterways in the Netherlands, including 3,000 kilometres of motorways, 3,500 kilometres of canals and rivers, as well as key bridges and locks. Lesser-known is the fact that its network infrastructure is almost equally as expansive. Rijkswaterstaat’s network ranks among the largest glass-fibre-based infrastructures in the Netherlands. The network, comprising over 6,000 switches, 5,000 kilometres of glass-fibre cable, 1,500 routers and more than 1,000 WiFi access points.  

Rijkswaterstaat was looking for a partner to take on responsibility not just for design, management and maintenance, but also for the chain management of the various service providers. A precondition for the partnership was the assurance of continuity to maintain network operations 24/7 and ensure seamless functioning of the entire chain. Another key aspect was modernization of the network to foster ongoing innovation. 

Joining of forces  

Following the tender process, Rijkswaterstaat chose to team up with Conclusion Mission Critical and Quanza. A predominant factor in its decision was the proven track record of the two IT firms in delivering complex mission-critical services. This joining of forces promises to yield a reliable and innovative solution. Conclusion Mission Critical and Quanza have been collaborating intensively for many years in key sectors in the Netherlands, such as public transport. 

Adriaan Schutte, Director of IRN at CIV Rijkswaterstaat: “We are looking forward to collaborating with Conclusion and Quanza in the management of our network infrastructure. Our goal is to provide a safe and reliable IT network which is running at all times. In the years ahead, Rijkswaterstaat will encounter exciting challenges in the ongoing evolution of the national network. Grounded in this mission, we place unwavering trust in our new partners.”  

Marc de Beer, Managing Director at Conclusion Mission Critical: “I’m delighted that we have been able to add Rijkswaterstaat to our client portfolio. The organization makes a crucial contribution to the smooth operation of Netherlands’ infrastructure and so represents a perfect fit for the type of organizations we aim to serve. I’m also proud of our partnership with Quanza. In addition to our shared cultural values, we both are dedicated to providing mission-critical services for organizations with a societal relevance. Altogether, this represents an excellent match. I am therefore confident in our ability to collaborate in establishing a flexible and resilient network infrastructure for Rijkswaterstaat which is available 24/7.”  

Judith Tolk, Commercial Director at Quanza: "We are extremely proud to welcome Rijkswaterstaat to Quanza. For us, this marks a significant milestone in line with our strategic goals, emphasizing our commitment to delivering high-quality services meeting the stringent requirements of mission-critical and vital infrastructures. I look forward to combining our expertise with that of Conclusion Mission Critical, thereby ensuring a robust, future-proof network infrastructure for Rijkswaterstaat which contributes to a safe, viable and accessible Netherlands.” 

About Conclusion Mission Critical 

Conclusion Mission Critical forms part of Conclusion’s ecosystem and is the IT service provider when it comes to supporting the critical processes of major organizations working at the heart of society. Whether it concerns service integration, the 24/7 operational management of business applications, or continuous availability, we shoulder responsibility for the IT environment where critical applications are present and where availability and security are of (crucial) importance. Downtime is not an option. We design. We implement. We manage and innovate.

About Quanza 

Amsterdam-based Quanza delivers network solutions and management services for organizations with an IT infrastructure where every second counts. Backed by specialist technological know-how, independent-minded business operations and a highly personalized means of service provision, for over 20 years Quanza has been offering the ideal platform for digital innovation of vital infrastructure in the Netherlands. Organizations that have put their networks in Quanza’s capable hands include GVB, SURF, AMS-IX and the Port of Rotterdam.

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