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Conclusion Intelligence is the largest data intelligence specialist in the Netherlands that actually improves company performance. With the vision and strategy of an organization as the point of departure, we develop and implement intelligent data applications that simplify decision making, optimize processes and stimulate innovation. With well over 500 specialists, we help realize the ambitions of our customers with whom we are so proud to collaborate.

Who we’re proud to work with

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Our work method

Deriving the most value from data involves more than technology alone. It all starts with a business issue, an ambition. Our hybrid approach guides organizations across the axis of business, process, organization and technology in order to arrive at company improvements and innovation. Based on thorough analysis and your specific strategic objectives, we are able to formulate a concrete plan and a number of immediate quick wins.

These quick business results generate excitement and set the organization in motion. At the same time, we develop and implement a structural solution which enables us to achieve lasting performance improvement in incremental steps: from the development of the data strategy to project development and the implementation of managed services.

Our areas of expertise

Factbased improvement in a data-driven organization

Realtime decision making to ensure quick, decisive action

Data-driven improvement

Conclusion Intelligence makes organizations permanently resilient, agile and innovative.



We help you gain and maintain firm control over your processes and your data. This control ensures resilience. This is the direct result of streamlined processes and a robust data platform which provide the quality, security and availability of the right information. By setting up and implementing proper governance, you will be able to maintain control and continue to keep building your organization.



Accurate insight and control over your process will make your company agile. Keen insight into that which really matters and knowing which buttons you can push to be able to improve and accelerate will inspire and set your organization in motion. Together, we build a well-informed (digital) transformation agenda and innovation strategy. We ensure quick results while we standardize and optimize work methods and involve the employees in a data-savvy organizational culture.


Conclusion Intelligence stimulates entrepreneurship and by definition, is constantly exploring new innovations so that your organization will continue to stay ahead. Through our shared vision and strategy we will set your organization in motion and make this a permanent aspect of the culture. But, that’s not all, because we actually do what others only talk about. Together, we will work to create fast, effective development and implementation while our Responsible AI and Ethics framework ensures we continue to do what is right.

Business improvement & innovation

The Conclusion Intelligence companies combined have over forty years of experience with this integral approach to business and data issues. The result:

Optimizing growth through customer engagement

Improving performance through smart innovation

Fostering digital transformation

Excelling by way of ongoing improvement

Sustainability by design

Future-proof personnel

Control, security, risk & compliance

Full service solutions for data & intelligence

In addition to the quick, positive results, we provide a lasting solution
With our change-oriented approach, we help create a data-driven culture
40 years of experience with this integrated approach for business and data issues
500+ specialists with expertise in business, functional, technical and change management
1000+ use cases with proven maximum value from data
Offices in Amsterdam, Nieuwegein, Heerlen, Hasselt and Dusseldorf

We are Conclusion


Expert companies





The wide range of services offered by Conclusion is based on a very simple concept – the best combination of in-house experts and services to support every customer issue. With such a range of expertise and clout under one roof, we are the logical partner for every digital journey destined for tomorrow.

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