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Successful business transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Building a digital future together

No matter what your objectives may be, or whatever challenge you want to tackle, as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist we can help you to achieve your transformation ambitions. You can count on our in-depth technology knowledge and our years of experience in business operations and change processes. While we have a broad knowledge of all sectors, we are particular experts in retail, wholesale, production, professional services and the public sector. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we will build a solid foundation for your organisation’s innovation and growth, together.

Expert in technology and transformation

Want to learn more about our services? And discover what you can count on when you collaborate with us? This is how we work:

We unlock powerful technology with lasting business impact

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, every day we work on improving the interaction between technology and business. We understand Dynamics inside out and know exactly how to make the technology work to your organisation’s advantage. We select and implement the most suitable options for you. But to be absolutely sure that your processes are organised optimally, we go further. That’s why we delve deep into your processes to advise you on exactly how to make them even smarter and more efficient with small – and occasionally large – adjustments. This all lets you benefit from the opportunities offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We accelerate your digital transformation with our extensive experience

We bring years of experience to business transformations and IT implementation. It’s this experience we deploy to accelerate the pace of your transformation. We know exactly which solutions add the most value for your organisation. And since it’s your people who determine this success, we use proven methods to engage them in the change. This is how we boost your entire business.

We strengthen your market position with our critical gaze

Our specialists are your sparring partner. And that includes the courage to sometimes say ‘no’ to challenge you. Are your business processes really that unique? Do they really need a customised solution, or can we in fact accommodate your processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365? Naturally we want to retain whatever fits by default. But we’re also focused on your distinctive solutions. Making the right distinction gives you a solid foundation for your basic processes, letting you excel at what makes your organisation unique.

We make the difference together

We would like to be your partner in tackling all the challenges together. That ‘together’ mentality is in our blood. The Conclusion MBS specialists are interested in your organisation and want to familiarise themselves with your market. You can rely on that involvement and on our knowledge throughout the entire transformation process.

Although we are familiar with all sectors, we are experts in:

Wholesale & Distribution
Public Sector
Professional Services

Let’s talk about what we can achieve together.

Jan-Douwe Jilderda