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Sustainability by design

Sustainability by Design

Large companies spend a lot of time reporting on their sustainability efforts. However, the energy consumption of applications is not yet on that agenda, even though there is significant potential for improvement. Read about the four key areas you can adjust to enhance the sustainability of your applications.

Sustainable IT Management with GreenOps

Soon, all customers of Conclusion Enablement will be able to see the CO2 footprint of their IT landscape on a dashboard. How can this GreenOps service help customers in their own sustainability strategies?

Efficiency Improvement with AI

Since the introduction of ChatGPT, media attention for AI has been substantial, leading many companies to start seriously considering the possibilities AI offers. There is a strong temptation to come up with high-tech applications that are expensive to implement.

Generative AI for Customer Inquiries

Chatbots based on Large Language Models (LLMs) continue to generate significant buzz. With Microsoft making it even easier to apply ChatGPT within your business environment through its Copilot service, many are now asking: Is this the perfect time to develop a chatbot for customers or employees?

Quotes from our experts

The key is not to be tempted by the possibilities of the technology, but by understanding your greatest challenges and how AI can be part of the solution.

Maartje Keulen

Head of Data Science and AI at Mediaan Conclusion

The vision of Maartje Keulen, Head of Data Science and AI, about the role of AI in improving business efficiency.

Everyone works from a passion for their own expertise, driven by the motivation to collaboratively create better solutions.

Lucas Jellema

CTO Conclusion

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