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Energy transition involves a shift in the roles of both energy producers and users. Data integration and connecting systems are both hugely influential.

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The international digital energy landscape

The days when energy producers were only concerned with supplying energy are long gone – just as consumers are less and less restricted in what they can purchase. For years now, this change has been fuelled by the demand for greater sustainability. Consumers have been given the tools to generate their own energy, which is in turn pushing energy companies into a new role: that of energy director.

Energy transition is individualizing the landscape

Solar panels, heat grids, boilers, and electric car batteries: they all play a role in the purchase and supply of energy on the grid. How can energy companies provide solutions for consumers’ wishes and choices in their own personal energy transition? This is only possible if all these devices are intelligently and scalably connected to suppliers’ data systems. At Conclusion, we help our energy partners to provide a better service to their customers with our ‘Energy as a Service’ offer.

Renew your digital strategy

And much more. Energy companies’ assets are expanding rapidly. Wind turbines, solar farms, and thermal power stations are no longer located only within the borders and territorial waters of the country in which a company is established. As comprehensively integrated data systems are key to steering performance, digital transformation has taken on a leading role in the international energy landscape.

To stay in the game, energy and utility companies are tying an innovative digital strategy to their business goals. Our role in this is to enable that innovation from a technological perspective, which we do by linking assets to business management systems or unlocking data through agile, technologically innovative platforms – to name just two examples.

The importance of peace of mind

There is one more prerequisite in this market: private consumers and business owners expect services to be available 24/7. Their needs must be met, and so systems must operate without interruption. This makes operating in this sector highly mission critical. We at Conclusion have a reputation to uphold when it comes to reliable management. For years, we’ve been offering solutions for vital IT landscapes thanks to our tried-and-tested ‘Peace of Mind as a Service’ concept. Noblesse oblige. This old adage still holds true today.

What do we offer in this market?

Service provision in digital transformation. By enabling technical innovations, we support clients in taking the right steps toward the future.
Building and further developing platforms in the field of data streaming and IoT.
Business and mission-critical management of IT landscapes and platforms, including public cloud.
Managed services and consultancy in application development and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.
Implementing and managing ERP solutions that support business objectives in line with energy trends.
Developing and managing new customized and Lowcode applications with devOps and agile working methods.
Finding solutions that rationalize and transform landscapes, helping clients to become more agile and resilient in achieving strategic objectives.

If you ask me whether I would recommend Conclusion, my answer is a resounding yes. Especially in a high-availability environment like ours, you have to be able to rely on your partner in innovation Conclusion fits the bill perfectly.

Rob Koole

Head of Business Operations & Support, Eneco

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‘Having access to real-time data means we can immediately help our customers with their questions or advise them on how to use energy even more sustainably’.

Ronald Root

Manager Data Science en Business Innovation Enec

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