Beyond the office: Redefining remote collaboration

In a world where remote work has become an indispensable part of the corporate landscape, one concept is revolutionizing the way we combine business with adventure. Enter the workation: a phenomenon that has swiftly taken flight, allowing individuals to merge their love for travel with the pursuit of professional success. Imagine working from a laptop, not confined to an office, but in a villa nestled in a far-flung corner of the world. Discover how a group of colleagues from the Netherlands embarked on a transformative journey to South Africa, where work and leisure seamlessly intertwined, creating bonds and memories that surpassed the ordinary.

June 4th, 2023   |   News   |   By: Lalandi Conclusion


Remote work has become an integral part of the business world. It has almost become a requirement when choosing a new challenge. The flexibility and freedom to decide where and when you work are frequently mentioned in job advertisements. Within this flexibility, the workation has become the pinnacle and has gained significant popularity during the pandemic. Taking your laptop to another country to work has become the ultimate way to combine your desire to travel with getting your work done, and it is now often booked. But booking a workation with multiple colleagues and then going on vacation together? That's something we haven't heard much about.


At Yellowtail, it seems that the workation is becoming a recurring phenomenon. Five colleagues, including Marèl Verschoor, Koen Mol, and Clemens Flórián, traveled to South Africa last year to work together. What made their workation truly special was their shared vacation throughout the country.

"The idea for a workation was brought up within the group, and gradually more and more colleagues joined," Marèl explains. "Although it wasn't the main reason, choosing South Africa was an easy decision. Yellowtail also has an office there, so this way we could finally meet our South African colleagues."

A great success: braaibroodjies

The group found a villa through Airbnb. The minimal time difference allowed them to collaborate with colleagues in the Netherlands. Laptops were stationed on the dining table, and meetings could continue despite the vast distance. Collaborating with colleagues at the office in South Africa was also a success. Koen shares, "Our colleagues were very hospitable. They were already excited about our visit, but meeting each other in person instead of via Teams was really enjoyable." Clemens further illustrates the experience, saying, "We were invited to various activities, like off-road karting and a real braai. Nothing was too much trouble. The braaibroodjies were particularly popular. What an invention! I already know what Yellowtail's next barbecue will serve."

Finding their groove

After working together, Clemens, Marèl, and Koen decided not to go home but to take an additional two weeks to explore South Africa and get to know the country better. Wasn't it strange to switch from business contacts to a more personal setting with colleagues? Marèl says, "We are colleagues, but even in the Netherlands, we have a friendly relationship. We have meals together, exercise together, and organize get-togethers at someone's home. So why not try a workation?"

Although it took a little adjustment in the beginning, living together for four weeks, it didn't take long for everyone to find their rhythm. They would take walks or exercise together in the morning and have a drink in the villa in the evenings. "Of course, this workation was discussed with our managers, but it truly felt unique to be able to combine work and vacation in this way. It's not something I see happening with every employer," concludes the three colleagues.

Next trip

Was this workation a success? It certainly was, as plans for the next one are already underway. How amazing would it be to turn this into a recurring tradition? And, of course, we hope that more and more colleagues will join us!"