The Costly Cycle of Infrastructure Preparation for 2010 World Cup Fan Walk Next to Lalandi Software Offices

Lalandi Software’s offices were situated next to the 2010 World Cup Fan walk, and it was interesting to watch as a new pedestrian walkway was laid in preparation for the event at great expense, and then broken up almost weekly running up to the competition, as another set of infrastructure piping was laid in the same street.




Business Services

Date published

21 april 2023


As a collaboration between many of the major utility network operators, the municipalities and contractors in the south of the Netherlands, Synfra helps to coordinate the ground work activities of these companies.

Gemma application allows Synfra to manage multiple workflow processes for utility installations from request to execution. The aim is to improve customer satisfaction, to reduce costs and inconvenience, to improve communication between utility companies, municipalities and contractors, to encourage more participation, and to provide accessible information on construction activities in public spaces.

What Synfra needed

Synfra needed to transition from a scattered IT landscape that offered semi-automated solutions towards a platform approach coordinating & automating all steps amongst the stakeholders.

What we delivered

Based on Synfra’s requirements we architected and developed the Gemma platform. The Gemma platform supports 15 different user roles in 6 inter-related Workflows. It integrates GoogleMaps for location selection, geo-coding and work overview plotting, for postcode/address lookups, and provides a webservice API for ERP integration. Workflows automatically create work items for Water, Electricity, Gas, Telecoms, Cable and City Heating utility companies at a requested location, notify the interested parties, and route them accordingly for processing. Contractors, Municipalities, Network Operators and Coordinators interact to process the work items into Work Orders which are executed and verified, along with document attachments and required reports such as Bills of Materials, Specifications, and Paving Reports. At several stages automated report notifications and confirmations are emailed to workflow participants, and the system provides comprehensive exporting and reporting of data.