Lalandi Software's Platform Bridges Legacy Systems and Cloud Solutions for Seamless Corporate Integration

Yellowtail Software designed, developed, implemented and maintains a platform that addresses the need in the corporate market to integrate in house ‘legacy’ systems with external cloud solutions. This allows corporate clients to orchestrate and integrate their business processes, improving automation rates of processes that consume external data sources.




Financial Services

Date published

21 april 2023

The Cord online platform enables you to connect, monitor, and maintain legacy systems and data sources regardless of the various technologies that are used by these applications.

Cord is a so-called iPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service. An iPaaS is a cloud-hosted integration platform designed to consume cloud resources exposed as services. Cord almost runs itself; our clients need never worry about development, technology and maintenance. The platform is hosted and maintained by Inter8.

Cord can be setup to monitor and maintain data integration services between internal IT systems and external cloud services. It supports full horizontal scalability as a means to boost performance when necessary. Cord follows industry standard security controls in the form of data encryption and secure communication.

By being fully modular, Cord can fulfil all clients’ requirements supporting addition of new custom modules, while remaining cost-effective through the economies of scale our multi-tenant cloud architecture provides.

The business challenge

In implementation of FinTech solutions on financial advice, there’s in most cases a phase of data gathering at external parties initially. This either requires a lot of manual intervention, or, a sophisticated integration. 

What we delivered

We analysed the business need, designed a generic re-usable solution, catering for a range of possible technical interface technologies. Based on that architecture, Yellowtail developed the platform, the connectors, an configuration module,  tested it and rolled out the Cord platform and caters for the maintenance.