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The deployment of AI is growing exponentially, and is becoming increasingly accessible. A development set to continue in the coming years. AI will also be playing a more prominent role in decision-making. This places great responsibility on companies and governments to manage the potential ethical, socio-technical and environmental implications of AI.
Full spectrum AI for a better future
Full spectrum AI for a better future

Conclusion AI 360 is committed to advising companies and governments to jointly develop and implement a sustainable AI strategy. Together with our customers, we promote ethical, responsible and sustainable innovation for a positive impact on society.

Conclusion AI 360 provides and supports a full spectrum of AI solutions

Proactive collaboration

AI is a tool to realise a business strategy. Due to the impact potential of AI, both inside and outside the organisation, it is important to involve all stakeholders in its application. This requires proactive cooperation with our customers based on trust and transparency. 

As part of an ecosystem of expert companies, from data specialists to developers, Conclusion AI 360 provides and supports a full spectrum of AI solutions.

What we do

Conclusion AI 360 offers a combination of technologies, methods and employees who are experts in various fields. This is how we help clients deploy AI strategically and responsibly, and implement AI solutions at large scale in organisations. What we can do for you:

Workshop: Jouw plek in de wereld van AI

Workshop: Your place in the world of AI

We walk your organization through the market developments in the field of AI in 1 or 2 days. Together, we formulate an inspiring vision on this topic.

Workshop: AI acceleration and leadership

Workshop: AI acceleration and leadership

In one half-day session, we walk teams within your organization through the current AI applications in the market. We look at how they can use them to support their work and thus take a leading role within the organization.

Responsible AI assessment

Responsible AI assessment

Using the Responsible AI framework, we offer your organization insight into how responsibly you have been using AI to achieve strategic goals and what capabilities you have yet to develop to that end.

Responsible AI-strategie en -beleid

Responsible AI strategy and policy

Organizations want to achieve their strategic goals efficiently and effectively. Together, we draw up an AI strategy, further elaborated in an AI policy. The latter describes how AI will support your organization and the values and frameworks for the application. The outcome is a playbook detailing the business cases, value strategy, sustainability strategy and a roadmap.

Responsible AI  -organisatie en -governance

Responsible AI -organisation and governance

Ownership is crucial for effective and responsible deployment of AI. But more is needed: employees must be engaged into a new way of working, and be willing to embrace AI as a technology. We help by providing insight through reports, drawing up an action plan and offering change management support.

Training and awareness

Training and awareness

Everyone in an organization will have to deal with AI and be aware of how it affects their role. Through training, we lay the foundation for the change brought about by AI, provide insights into opportunities and challenges, and inform your organization about opportunities, pitfalls and what is needed for a responsible deployment of AI.

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Adil Bohoudi

Adil Bohoudi

Managing Director Conclusion AI 360