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This forest was planted on 25 February 2022 as part of a close partnership between Conclusion, Trees for All, and Brabants Landschap. Like this forest, the Conclusion ecosystem functions as a living ecosystem: each company has a unique specialism in IT services and business transformation. We are proud to be associated with this unique ecosystem, the Zeezuiper.

Conclusion | Climate action

Our main environmental aspect relates to CO2 emissions. As 80% of Conclusion’s CO2 emissions can be traced back to mobility, we have set ourselves the goal of ensuring our commercial fleet is carbon-neutral by 2025. But that’s for later – we want to make an impact now!

New, eight-hectare ecosystem | Conclusion Cares

New, eight-hectare ecosystem

The forest is planted on an eight-hectare plot of agricultural land, adjacent to existing nature and forest areas. A total of about 29,000 trees and shrubs of twelve species (including linden, hornbeam, alder buckthorn, yew, wild cherry, and pedunculate oak) have been planted on an 5.5-hectare plot. The higher tree species are planted in the core of the new forest, while the lower-growing tree and shrub species are located at the perimeter. This creates a crucial transition from standing forest to a wide forest edge, which then leads onto meadows and grassland with a variety of flora and fauna. As many plants and animals thrive in transitional landscapes like this, they are a biodiversity hotspot. The other 2.5 hectares contain a meadow rich in wildflowers and wildlife, wildflower-rich grassland, and some pools. The entire area is important for highly vulnerable animal species, including the bluethroat, black woodpecker, and palmate newt.

There is still an urgent need to plant more forests in the Netherlands. Our partnership makes a substantial contribution to this.

Frans van Zijderveld – Forest Programme Manager at Trees for All, the Netherlands

Making an impact in our own way

Our long-term partnership with Trees for All will help us to achieve a huge social impact. The project goes far beyond offsetting CO2 emissions by sporadically planting trees.

  • A multidisciplinary project
    A sustainable solution with as much impact as possible in terms of biodiversity, farmland rewilding, fruit-bearing trees, and much more.
  • Local
    As we’re making an impact in the Netherlands, we’re offsetting in our back yard!
  • Beyond investment
    We also want to roll up our sleeves (manual labour) and engage our brains (innovation). And of course, our aim is to establish long-term partnerships.
  • Business Done Differently
    Quick, easy, one-off investments aren’t what we’re about. We prefer long-term, sustainable relationships. Although they’re not the easiest, they’re definitely the best option.
  • That’s how Conclusion’s ecosystem is always growing.


Certificate Trees for All 29.000 trees (in Dutch)
Trees for All

In 2022, we entered into a long-term partnership with Trees for All. Our partnership began in February with the planting of 29,000 trees in the Zeezuiper nature reserve in aid of the Conclusion Impact Forest. Over the next five years, we will continue to be involved in activities related to the Zeezuiper and new donation projects in the Netherlands. We will also occasionally donate trees and use our expertise to support Trees for All in achieving their goals. Read more.

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