We are a system integrator and a supplier of services in the domain of passenger information. 

Conclusion ForeyeT

Our innovative solutions are often based on our own experience, crafted from the viewpoint: "Wouldn't it be efficient if...". We think out-of-the-box and don't design the most logical solution.


A few of our products

  • This multi-functional guidance system for ground control at airports can survive the most extreme weather conditions, such as heat, cold, and storms.

  • A smart clock which shows at a glance what the depature time is.

  • Public transport in The Netherlands is getting more crowded. How do you efficiently manage more than a million travellers daily?

  • We offer our customers a passenger information platform which easily interlocks, configures and manages travel information.

  • Read more about our other products.

As a supplier of "Runway & Taxiway Guidance Signs" to international airports, we want to continue to develop our products. Safety, reliability, system integration and communication are leading when it comes to maneuvering and guiding aircraft. We rely heavily on the qualities of Conclusion ForeyeT as our R&D partner. Smart, creative, thorough and reliable. They understand the high demands that are made on airports and think beyond mere technique. A partnership with a future for airports worldwide.

Frank de Koning

CEO of AAS International

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