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We are Conclusion ForeyeT, a system integrator and specialist in passenger information systems. Our motivational driver: creating the ultimate passenger experience together with (public transport) companies.
Wij zijn Conclusion ForeyeT

We work together with public transport companies, distributors, government agencies, and other specialists to make sure everyone can travel throughout the Netherlands with peace of mind. Our systems run non-stop, 24/7. Innovation, impact, and quality. Read more.

Conclusion ForeyeT

Wij are Conclusion ForeyeT.

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A few of our products

  • This multi-functional guidance system for ground control at airports can survive the most extreme weather conditions, such as heat, cold, and storms.

  • A smart clock which shows at a glance what the depature time is.

  • Public transport in The Netherlands is getting more crowded. How do you efficiently manage more than a million travellers daily?

  • We offer our customers a passenger information platform which easily interlocks, configures and manages travel information.

  • Read more about our other products.

We are Conclusion


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The wide range of services offered by Conclusion is based on a very simple concept – the best combination of in-house experts and services to support every customer issue. With such a range of expertise and clout under one roof, we are the logical partner for every digital journey destined for tomorrow.

Want to know what the possibilities are?

We work for distributors, government agencies, public transport operators, end users, and a wide range of specialists.

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