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We are Conclusion ForeyeT.

We are a system integrator and a supplier of services in the domain of passenger information. We handle the product development from A to Z, and then we operate and maintain our systems 24/7. We bundle different areas of expertise so that we can provide clients and end-users with support in all areas. We analyse existing information systems and identify what is missing or what needs to be improved. On the basis of our findings, we modify the existing hardware and software and take the product to the next level. In addition, we develop our own in-house products to meet a particular market need or to provide a solution for a problem we have identified. In that way, all our strengths are combined: innovation, production, and maintenance.  

Our products are often based on our own practical experience and created on the principal: ‘Wouldn’t it be really useful if… ?’ We go a lot further than just textual information. We also use sensors, audio, light, and colour to create signposting that passengers can quickly and intuitively understand. And because everyone at Conclusion ForeyeT has a lot of experience and involvement in public transport, we are in touch with all the latest developments and can therefore offer you the best solution. Our background means we know what needs to be improved, and we develop new products– both on request and proactively – to fill any gaps in the market. We believe we can make the customer happy without creating vendor locks. That means we are able to combine our passion with craftsmanship to support distributors, government agencies, public transport operators, end users, and other specialists. 

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A smart boarding system to help passengers board the metro at the station

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