AUAS, UAF, and Conclusion will train refugees to become IT professionals with a guaranteed job

An employment contract and Dutch language lessons

Today, on World Refugee Day, the IT service provider Conclusion, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), and the UAF Foundation for Refugee Students, are announcing a new combined training and work programme for refugees with an asylum permit, to train them as IT professionals with a guaranteed job. What sets this project, called World cITizens @ Work, apart is that refugees are already offered an employment contract with Conclusion before they even start the programme. They then follow a tailored training and work programme, which includes language and IT training, at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for a year.

June 20th, 2023   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Conclusion will train refugees to become IT professionals with a guaranteed job

Starting employment in a sustainable manner

The three partners hope that the World cITizens @ Work project will enable refugees to start and remain in employment in a sustainable manner. In addition, the new project will help reduce the considerable shortage of workers in the IT sector. Conclusion, AUAS, and UAF have entered into the agreement for three years. The first group of refugees will start the programme at AUAS in November and are expected to start employment with Conclusion in September 2024. This cycle will be repeated at least twice.

A fair chance for all

The recruitment and pre-selection of candidates is currently being carried out by UAF. To give everyone a fair chance, candidates are not required to have any specific previous education or IT knowledge. They will, however, be screened by AUAS to assess whether they have the required higher education or equivalent ability. This will then be followed by a candidate-matching procedure so that candidates are placed with a Conclusion company matching their ambitions. During this preliminary stage, UAF will support the candidates with job interview training and knowledge sessions. In addition, the candidates and Conclusion employees will take part in training on intercultural communication on the work floor, to be given by UAF. 

Language and IT

To improve the Dutch language skills of the refugees, the training and work programme will start with a tailored language programme organized by the Student Affairs office at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This will be followed by the Make IT Work programme, an intensive retraining programme based on Conclusion case histories. The candidates will then enter into employment with Conclusion. To ensure that candidates receive the right support and a soft landing, Conclusion will allocate each candidate a buddy on the work floor. Both the buddy and candidate will receive support from the UAF.

Pim van Asch, Sustainability Manager at Conclusion, said: ‘We believe in the power of working together on social issues. We call this “building sustainable ecosystems”. We are tremendously proud to be launching this project together with AUAS and UAF. At Conclusion, we believe that our differences bring us together and make us stronger. We think it is vital to give these people a role in our organization and thus help them integrate into society. We are not choosing the easiest way, but the most sustainable way. We believe that stability is an important part of this and that is precisely why we are offering this group an employment contract right at the start of the programme.’

Marike van der Tol, Business Developer at UAF, explained, ‘As a knowledge partner in the area of combined training and work programmes, our goal is to set up and support these types of programmes successfully so that they become embedded within organizations. This project is a fine example of how education, the business community, and our foundation can strengthen one another. I am convinced that good preparation and proper support are the right way to help refugees secure a sustainable future. The way in which Conclusion invests in this group underlines their acknowledgement of this and demonstrates their commitment to empowering refugees. It enables refugees to contribute to society and Conclusion hire loyal and motivated employees in return. I hope that other organizations feel inspired to follow Conclusion’s example.’ 

Jopie Nooren, Chair of AUAS’s Executive Board, had this to say: ‘This initiative allows us to offer refugees the opportunity to use their talents and develop them sustainably on the work floor; it is an example of how we can contribute to diversity, digitalization, and sustainability as a knowledge institution. At the same time, we can help meet demand for highly-educated ICT professionals, which we are also investing in at AUAS. The great thing about this cooperation is that we can offer the perfect combination, due to our many years of experience with the Language and Preparatory Programme, the successful set-up of Make IT Work, the expertise and intermediary activities of UAF, and the unique role that Conclusion is willing and able to play as an employer. We look forward to welcoming the first candidates in November.’


About Conclusion

Conclusion is an IT service provider which operates as a builder of bridges between strategy, business, and technology. This company distinguishes itself thanks to the ecosystem comprising over 25 Dutch expert companies in the area of business transformation and IT services. Each of these companies holds a position of authority in their own area of expertise. Together, they supervise companies and governments ranging from mid-sized to large on their respective digital journeys to tomorrow. Conclusion takes on responsibility for mission-critical company processes and systems as well as company processes and systems that are vital to society, in the heart of Dutch society.

About UAF

UAF is committed to protecting the interests of refugee students and professionals in the Netherlands. Together with educational institutions, employers, and municipalities, it creates opportunities related to work and study. UAF shares its knowledge and experience, fosters regional collaborations, and develops smart new routes to the labour market in sectors where job opportunities are available, such as health care, technology, and education. For refugee students and professionals, the UAF provides modular support and financial assistance. This is in addition to the existing facilities for refugees. As a result, the organization can provide the right support where it is needed.

About the Language and Preparatory Programme and Make IT Work

The Language and Preparatory Programme at AUAS gives prospective students the opportunity to develop their Dutch language skills to B2+ level. The programme is tailored to those taking part in cITizens @ Work. 
Make IT Work is a successful retraining programme, set up by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, that trains highly-educated people to become IT professionals. The European Commission has called Make IT Work a model project for learning digital skills.