From new and unfamiliar with each other to an MT whose members are honest with each other

The Rivierenland Water Board (Waterschap Rivierenland) is responsible for keeping surface water clean and the dykes safe, so continuity in its primary process is always essential. The organization must also be able to deal with water management crises at any moment. IT plays an essential role in all the water board’s processes, so it’s important that the IT department functions properly and that the team members can work together smoothly.


Waterschap Rivierenland


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15 maart 2021

Conclusion Case | Waterschap Rivierenland

Challenge: create a well-coordinated MT

The IT department of the Rivierenland Water Board consists of just under 100 employees, who represent about 10% of the total workforce. They are led by an MT with six members, all professionals and experts in their field, but the recent formation meant there was still potential for them to grow closer together. In the organization’s own words:

After forming a new MT with new managers and new team leaders, we’d now like to turn it into a real team.

Dr Rene van de Looij, Information and Digitalization Department Head

The water board's request was focused on the wish to grow closer together personally, and for the MT to be able to cooperate better in respect of the common goal. The wish was more connecting leadership instead of directive leadership.

The solution: a tailor-made leadership programme

Based on the client’s request, Conclusion Consulting developed a tailor-made leadership programme. Interaction and connection were the key priorities, with the main elements being the development of the team, learning to work towards a common goal, and comradeship. The intended effect was to provide concrete tips and tools for enhancing cooperation, communication, and management.

The main objectives:

  1. Develop cooperation and communication at both individual and team level;
  2. Develop leadership at both individual and team level, and a common goal;
  3. Encourage connections and comradeship among the MT members.

The programme used personal experiences in the armed forces and the world of consultancy, where the participants were inspired by practical examples from both perspectives. They were also challenged with interactive exercises to put what they had learned into practice. One of the participants described it as follows in his evaluation:

“The programme leader had experience in the armed forces, and was able to relate this in a very inspiring way to practice at my organization”

Result: a team that adopts a constructive approach to achieve goals

The result of the two-day leadership programme was impressive. The participants visited various locations, such as the National Military Museum and Grebbeberg hill, a site of some notable battles. The programme leaders inspired the participants with proven theory from the armed forces and consultancy industry, then applied this to specific situations in their daily practice. Storytelling, practical theory, fostering trust between participants, and an invigorating environment were the key components of this successful programme. The participants are very positive about the programme, and now apply what they have learned during their day-to-day work. As they describe it themselves:

“Without Battlefield to Business, there would still be too many loners in the team. The programme has brought us closer together.”

The remit of the collaboration between Conclusion and the Rivierenland Water Board has since been expanded. Its success has prompted several requests from the client relating to leadership, but we also act as partners in the field of digitalization. For this reason, the scope of the initial programme was widened, and other teams in the organization were invited to take part. One of our trainers is now a coach for the MT.

About the Rivierenland Water Board

The Rivierenland Water Board (Waterschap Rivierenland) is one of the 21 water boards in the Netherlands. The organization works on ensuring water is managed effectively, both now and in the future. It operates in the zone of the Netherlands between the major rivers from the German border to Dordrecht. The main tasks of the water board are to maintain strong dykes, sufficient and clean water, road and waterway management, and crisis management.

Den Haag

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