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Effective digital capabilities are key to providing the best possible service for citizens.

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A society’s strength is largely determined by the rights, living space, and development opportunities for its citizens. Digital methods and tools are playing an increasingly decisive role in perpetuating and stimulating this. This applies to the services that government institutions offer to citizens, for professionals who work to create a safe living environment, and for education that boosts young people’s and adults’ social opportunities.

Support as a goal

Many processes within government organizations serve a single purpose: to provide support to citizens. But this raises several questions. How do we ensure well-timed policy implementation? How do we ensure our service chain is perfectly aligned? How do we best make citizens aware of their options? Digitalization has become crucial in this respect. It streamlines and accelerates processes while preventing disruptions and lowering costs. But it also gives employees the digital knowledge and skills that are crucial for modern governance.

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Peter de Jong

Peter de Jong

Director Government, Public Safety & Non-profit