TWO Model

Does your challenge not fit neatly into one box? Then meet our TWO Model, for insights and perspective.

Het TWO-Model brengt jouw business in een digitale versnelling.

Resilient and agile

Digital transformation is vital for almost every organization, including a robust ICT operation that ensures process continuity. But it also opens up unprecedented possibilities. While you need to get to grips with your legacy, you may also need to focus on smarter use of data for business, or combine the one and the other. Whatever you do, there’s a common denominator: every decision is linked to what’s happening elsewhere in the organization. Our TWO Model visualizes this interconnectedness.

Connecting the dots and the playing field: going from action to result

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to making effective use of digital technology and data. Alongside deciding which technologies and platforms should be deployed, you need to think about the people in and around the organization and their processes. Develop a comprehensive view of the digital transformation you want. With our TWO Model, Conclusion offers leaders a strategic roadmap for change. Experience it. Use it. Share it.

Het TWO-Model maakt samenhang tussen jouw business en IT-thema’s helder en overzichtelijk.

Navigating from coherence with our TWO Model

The TWO Model makes the connection between your business and IT themes clear and understandable. On that basis, you link vision and goals to an effective digital strategy.

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