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Emerging Technologies

Evaluate and apply new technology.

Shape the future

Technology is the flywheel for increasing and renewing your business and business processes. It’s both a differentiator and accelerator. But how can you know which technology offers distinctive added value for your business? What experiences can you build on – and can you do this with a partner? How do you structure the steps to take you from exploration to proof of concept, and then to an application with a lasting impact which you then continue to further develop together?

Dictate the future

When it comes to new technologies which make different types of innovation possible, there’s a lot to choose from, so you need consider where to invest your scarce resources. We’d be happy to share with you our previous technology explorations and the applications we’ve developed. This gives you an insight into which technologies are on our technology radar and how we have embraced them. Alternatively, we can take a concrete, step-by-step approach to technology exploration and relate these to digital ambitions. As part of this we will provide you with both solicited and unsolicited advice at each stage of exploration, testing, and development as well as help you to begin producing these initiatives.

Experimenting within safe limits

Just like other companies, we’re fully committed to safety. However, we’re still keen to test the limits and create genuine value by doing so. As your partner in innovative entrepreneurship, we take the lead in organizing ‘generating innovations into services and products’ and the requisite knowledge and expertise in your workforce as well as how to financially approach these methods of value creation. Embedding ongoing innovation into your organization, led by co-creation, provides a truly solid foundation.

Dashboard ‘predicts’ failures

ERIKS connects mechanical engineering components to IoT platform. A step forward in predictive maintenance.

What we do
  1. Exploring technology

We share our knowledge and findings from our technology explorations with you. We carried these out ourselves, sometimes with clients and partners in technology (such as SAP, Microsoft, and others). Our technology explorations give you insight into the potential value of technology for your objective. This focuses on the source of the exploration, be that lifecycle management in the ICT landscape, replacing, improving existing functions, improving services, or enriching a portfolio. All in a format you can build on.


  1. Technology @ work   

We’d like to share with you our client cases that have led to a concrete application for our clients after a journey of exploring, deepening, and testing. Sometimes, they’ve also come about via a different route, for example through the application of existing technology in a different context together with other technology. Our product team would be happy to tell you how this technology can be used more widely as an application, as well as what adjustments you may need to make. If you’re interested, we’ll start with a demonstration.


  1. Exploring and developing together

We’d be happy to assist you in developing technology into a concrete application and structurally guaranteeing this in the organization (as well as linking the stakeholders). As an example, consider organizing fusion teams (or BusSecDevOps) to ensure that members of business departments, Digital, and IT are in a team. Our experience provides a solid basis for this: we’re focused on ensuring effectiveness and structuring innovation generation. We also help you validate the proof of concept, proof of value, or proof of purpose. And if you want to draw up a cost estimate or exploratory business case, we’d be happy to provide support.

What’s in it for you?
A clear picture of which technology can be valuable for your operations
Support in finding specific applications of this technology and focusing on its lasting impact
A partner to help you roll out the innovation from A to Z: proof of concept, value, and purpose
Clear choices in the technology that supports your digital transformation, including the roadmap
Ideas and insights from our explorations. This prevents you from running into teething troubles or reinventing the wheel
A streamlined start: you build on explorations or existing applications
Where to start?

You can come to us with any question, whether you just want to hear our experiences and at any stage. All you have to do is ask. We are here to supervise innovation, conduct implementation together with you, and implement the innovation process structurally – regardless of your starting point.

Harness the power of our ecosystem

Consultancy on where business meets IT. We connect visions and goals to an effective digital strategy.

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Emerging technologies is one of the eight themes that help us to answer your questions about digitalization and transformation.

Want to know which technology could help you progress?

Sander Rosenhart

Commercial Director
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