Good news: despite the dry summer, the planting of the Conclusion Impact Forest was a success.

On 25 February, we rolled up our sleeves to plant the last thousand trees in our Impact Forest. A total of 29,000 new trees have been planted in the Zoomland nature conservation area in Bergen op Zoom.

Despite the dry and hot summer, planting was a success! Some of the trees have had a tough time, of course. The tops of the hazel and maple trees have turned a little brown, but almost all of them will survive. New leaves are already emerging at the bottom, and the plants are starting to grow again.

November 13th, 2022   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Conclusion impact forest

Great to see how the ecosystem works in the forest

Planting various types of trees and shrubs increases the resistance of forests to problems such as climate change and other changes, drought, diseases, and pests. In addition, our planting site was sown beforehand with a mixture of grains and herbs. This adds an ‘extra layer’ to the soil to give it better protection from drying out. An additional advantage is that the grains attract all sorts of plants and animals. And this boosts biodiversity!

Conclusion Cares

Losses are within reason

Around 5% to 10% of the trees didn't make it. These figures are normal, and it is quite common for some trees not to survive. Over the years, the other trees and shrubs will fill in the gaps. And if necessary, we can always plant extra trees later. We are therefore confident that this will grow into a healthy and flourishing forest in future. This is what we call Conclusion Cares!