Conclusion receives level 5 certificate of the CO2 Performance Ladder

Conclusion has received the highest attainable certificate of the CO2  Performance Ladder for the entire ecosystem (25+ companies). In doing so, we have advanced from level 3 to level 5 in one go. It's an achievement that we are extremely proud of.

June 13th, 2022   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Conclusion receives CO2-Performance Ladder level 5

The CO2 Performance Ladder provides insight into companies’ energy usage and CO2 emissions and encourages them to reduce these further. As far as level 3, companies handle the emissions from its own organization, including all projects. Levels 4 and 5 also take into consideration the emissions of the whole chain and sector. 

Sustainable Development Goals

As part of our extensive Conclusion Cares programme, we focus on the way we do business sustainably. We’ve linked this to three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): well-being, innovation and infrastructure, and climate action. Together, they form the basis of our Cares ambitions, objectives, and KPIs.

Climate action

The main environmental impact of our operational processes and services is caused by CO2 emissions. Since 2012, we have been monitoring our CO2 emissions closely and we report periodically on the CO2 footprint of our operational processes. Conclusion takes specific measures to reduce CO2 based on the insights obtained. 
Since 2013, our CO2 reduction management system has been level 3 certified. In 2021, we expanded and strengthened the system by taking into consideration emissions from the entire chain and sector. After an extensive and successful audit, we are proud to announce that the Conclusion ecosystem is now certified to level 5. 

Conclusion Cares

Conclusion Cares

The aim of the Conclusion Cares programme is to guide us in doing business sustainability. It plots the course for our operational processes, our services, and our partnerships. This is our way of increasing social prosperity and creating a sustainable future for our children.

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