Marry de Gaay Fortman joins Supervisory Board at Conclusion

As of October 1st, Marry de Gaay Fortman (1965) has been appointed to the Supervisory Board of Conclusion Group B.V, a Business Transformation and IT service provider. In this role, she and the other members of the board are responsible for overseeing the organization. The other members of the Supervisory Board are Gerrit Oosterhof (chair), Stepan Breedveld and Bart Coopmans.

October 3rd, 2023   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Expert in governance and supervision

De Gaay Fortman’s background is highly complementary to the profiles of the other members of Conclusion’s Supervisory Board. De Gaay Fortman is an attorney and partner at Houthoff, where she was managing partner for six years and specializes in governance and supervision. She was one of the pioneers of, now known as SER Topwomen and part of the SER Diversity and Inclusion program. The foundation aims to achieve a higher proportion of women at the top of the Dutch business sector. Beyond that, De Gaay Fortman holds several non-executive board roles, including that of commissioner at De Nederlandsche Bank. In view of the international strategy adopted at Conclusion and its strong financial and overall growth, De Gaay Fortman’s expertise is exactly what the Supervisory Board needs to properly support the company, providing advice and supervision in the next phase.

Gerrit Oosterhof, chair of the Supervisory Board at Conclusion Group B.V.: “Marry’s knowledge, experience and diverse network brings us a commissioner who can be of great value to the continued development of our organization. We have a balanced portfolio and an international strategy, including an ambition to provide nearshore services. We have joint views with Marry on what a successful future looks like and I look forward to our collaboration.”

Marry de Gaay Fortman on her appointment: “I feel at home at a company that helps others in their innovation transition while living up to strong ESG ambitions. With my experience, I hope to soon be able to contribute to Conclusion’s continued national and international growth.”