Maaike Maranus – van de Vrande appointed Conclusion’s new Sustainability Director

Conclusion has appointed Maaike Maranus-Van de Vrande (42) Director of Sustainability. This position will empower her to hyperfocus on sustainable business in the Conclusion ecosystem. Additionally, she will act as a bridge between Conclusion and other market actors during collaborations. Her appointment is the natural evolution of her career at Conclusion. After all, for the past 15 years, Maranus – van de Vrande has played an integral role in establishing Conclusion’s Tender Desk and its sustainability program – Conclusion Cares.

April 24th, 2023   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Maaike Maranus – van de Vrande appointed Conclusion’s new Sustainability Director

Maranus – van de Vrande initially started out at Rabobank. That’s where she discovered her drive to set up and develop (mainly) new departments. But in 2008, she made the switch to Conclusion. That’s where she worked hard in 2009 to (re)structure and establish the internal organization of one of its companies.

In 2012, she transferred to the holding division, where she managed the Tender Desk. Conclusion Cares – Conclusion’s program for transforming its sustainability goals into reality – also appeared around this time. Maranus – van de Vrande designed this initiative and has managed this business support service since 2021.

Engbert Verkoren, Conclusion CEO: “As a sustainability transformation enabler, IT can profoundly impact solving societal challenges. Conclusion is stepping up its sustainability game on several fronts, which will only intensify moving forward. Maaike’s appointment affirms what she’s consistently done for ages. For years, she’s been the linchpin turning our goals into reality and driving sustainable collaborations within and beyond our ecosystem. Maaike’s knowledge, interest, and inherent untamable drive in relation to sustainable business make her the ideal sustainability director.”

Maaike Maranus – van de Vrande on her appointment: “Sustainable business is a complex playing field. It regularly calls for tough decisions. We face those head-on. And we won’t let them slow down our progress toward making our operations sustainable. Honestly? It just gives us more energy and drive to speed things up. We’re an ecosystem, and that means we increasingly end up playing the role of facilitator in the chain. I’m seizing the reins on this role because we only have a genuine impact when we rally the right parties together to solve the major sustainability issues, in addition to our own operations and external services.”