Conclusion Volg Systeem and Flex-ID join forces as Conclusion Confidential

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Conclusion Confidential enables reliable data registration for a safer and healthier society.

Conclusion Volg Systeem (CVS) and Flex-ID have joined forces under the Conclusion Confidential flag. The two Conclusion companies are combining their strengths to build a safer and healthier society alongside their current and future customers. The firm achieves this by supporting companies with always-available, reachable and secure registration platforms. Irmgard Spijkers will be responsible for this new combination as Managing Director.

January 11th, 2022   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Conclusion Confidential

CVS is a platform for processing important file registrations in the social domain, such as the Dutch ‘Veilig Thuis’ organisation for reporting domestic violence or child abuse, municipalities and ‘GGD’ area health services. Alongside SUMMIT, Flex-ID is developing a file creation programme for the registration of highly confidential enforcement and investigation cases within the Dutch security domain. SUMMIT is used by the police, the Royal Marechaussee (military police), inspection services and municipalities, among others.

Irmgard Spijkers, Managing Director of Conclusion Confidential: “The merger to form Conclusion Confidential offers a range of opportunities for raising our services to a higher level. By combining knowledge and increasing size, the new organisation can focus more on the platforms’ innovation and architecture. Professionalisation in service quality, support and testing can also be accelerated. All this ensures that the company can serve existing and new customers even better.”

Bert Jan de Jongh, Director Business Transformation at Conclusion: "CVS and SUMMIT are both market leaders in niche markets within the public and social domain in terms of confidential file creation. The technology of the systems also has many commonalities in terms of architecture and programming language. Now that the companies will continue as one, the platforms can develop further based on each other’s knowledge and functionality. The new Conclusion Confidential company is a business partner for the public and social domain for safe and reliable data registration; your trusted data partner.”

Conclusion Volg Systeem and Flex-ID join forces as Conclusion Confidential

About Conclusion Confidential

Conclusion Confidential is a business partner for the public and social domain for secure and reliable data registration. The firm is a trusted data partner for organisations such as municipalities, GGD area health authorities, the police and the Royal Military Police. With a team of 40 professionals, the company provides always-available, accessible and secure registration platforms. The head office is in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.