CTO Lucas Jellema: "the best experts in every field" 

As CTO of Conclusion, I focus on uniting specialists from our ecosystem of expert companies. My main task is to be visible. Making sure the specialists know me, want to share their story and ask for help. It’s a good thing that I am interested in everything. I love experts. That's also what makes it so attractive to work together in our ecosystem. We all work from our own passion, but with the drive to develop better solutions together.   

October 26th, 2023   |   Blog   |   By: Conclusion


CTO Lucas Jellema

This blog is an ode to the specialist. The professional who speaks passionately about his expertise. It is also an ode to the generalist, who is often the bridge builder and driving force for the specialist to prosper. Both are needed to solve the puzzle. I myself am more of a generalist who has shown that I can also be a specialist. That's why the role of connector suits me well.   

An ecosystem of experts 

Conclusion has all the expertise in-house to create distinctive and effective services in the field of digital transformations. This provides a specialized view on each business question, challenge, and solution. The additional insight into problem and solution occurs when multiple specialists look at the challenge from their own perspective. When the mix and coherence of the right experts from our ecosystem are right, then one plus one equals three, and something magical happens. To me, that is the art of digital transformation. This is how we realize progress. 

"Everyone works from the passion for their own expertise, and with the drive to achieve better solutions together"

Lucas Jellema

Digital is the means, not the end 

If you want to move forward as a company, you automatically look for solutions to better use your people and resources. That's where you can make the most progress. In both cases, the use of digital is crucial to achieving results. Digital drives progress. The trick is to identify the right technology mix and innovations. All that in a world where innovations succeed each other rapidly.  

IT specialists are used to dealing with such changes and have the ability to analyse in a structured way: how does a company operate, how does an organization function, how are processes running and how can things be improved step by step. You may expect IT specialists to be constantly involved in the latest technological developments and the opportunities they create for organizations.  

Understanding the business value 

So when a technology is highlighted in the news, the specialist has known about it for six months already. And is able to explain the opportunities and challenges to different audiences. Specialists need to understand what the big challenges are for organizations. The generalist overlooks specialties and grasps the business value.   

Look at AI. This is big not only in the sense of being important, but also in the broadness of applicability. For specialists, AI is nothing new; it has been in development for decades. It took off in late 2022 with the arrival of ChatGPT. On that wave, a lot of other forms of AI can suddenly take off, such as Computer Vision combined with IoT. AI suddenly becomes interesting for a lot of organizations. It requires the right combination of experts to derive concrete real value from it.  

Mix of technology, concept and organizational process 

Technology by itself does not make the difference. It is the mix of technology, concept and organizational process, applied to a particular business challenge, that can create value or solve a problem. Just as one specialist doesn't make the real difference either. It is the combination of different areas of expertise that counts. Then add a generalist to make the translation to business and IT, and you have the formula for a successful digital transformation.  

Business done differently

Conclusion’s broad range of services is based on a simple idea: at every level, have the best experts and services in-house. Every expert company in our ecosystem is an authority in their particular field. Our dynamic ecosystem collectively focuses on business transformation and IT services. With so much expertise under one roof, we are the one-stop shop for every digital journey.