Digital transformation brings the sort of value that healthcare deserves, focusing on the patient and the healthcare professional.

Digital innovation is about people

In the next decade, data will take on a growing role in healthcare development. Our healthcare system is becoming more and more output-led, driven by the ambition to add value for the patient while saving time and costs. Healthcare providers are increasingly working together to achieve this goal. That’s why removing barriers to sharing and exchanging data is a top priority. But healthcare’s main focus will always be on the people it serves.

Careful alignment

Patients, healthcare providers, and researchers benefit from data that has been gathered with care. If we’re talking about treatments, this could be the care plan, medication, or patient compliance. To make sure everyone’s on the same page, this data must be available to all links in the healthcare chain: from primary care to hospital and long-term care. In addition, healthcare is increasingly provided at home for longer periods of time, which only adds to the value of careful alignment. Patients being treated in the Netherlands are increasingly in charge of their own health and the healthcare linked to it.

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At Conclusion, we’ve been working with the major EHRs (electronic health record) in curative healthcare for many years: ChipSoft HIX, Epic, and xCare (Nexus). We support healthcare institutions by helping them to find the best possible design and implementation method for these EHRs.

We believe in the value of CVS: it’s an extremely flexible, reliable product that can be used in a wide variety of ways.

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