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Not only the best IT systems, but the understanding, engagement, and support of your people as well. The art is: stepping aside to enable forward momentum. 

Eefje Albers

Eefje Albers: 'People and technology set the tone together' 

The success of a digital transformation often depends on whether or not you've managed to get the people at your organization fully on board. Are they open to doing things differently? Do they understand the importance of change? After all, no matter how impressive the technology you deliver, if no one uses it or knows how to get the best out of it, it's unlikely to make much of a difference. If you overlook the human aspect, there's a good chance you'll simply stay stranded in the present as an organization. If you've ever wondered how to keep digital progress manageable by making sure you take into account the human aspect of IT, this is the blog post for you.  

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