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KWD Results Management is the leading specialist in senior project, programme, and agile management. Over 50 employees manage complex projects and programmes at the intersection of ICT and Business for a wide variety of clients. The focus of KWD employees is on achieving results, and they draw on the knowledge present in the organization as much as possible to get the job done.

KWD Result Management also supports its clients in professionalizing project management. Together with companies, governmental organizations, and universities, they actively develop the field of project and Agile management. This knowledge as well as the shared experiences gained from practice form the heart of the employees' craftsmanship.

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Managing results: a profession, our profession

KWD employees have extensive experience in project, programme, or agile management. They have gained experience in various branches of business and government. Through their experience and attitude, KWD employees create the movement in an organization that is needed to achieve results. KWD employees quickly get to the causes behind the problems and then solve them in a step-by-step and pragmatic way. This approach ensures that projects at the intersection of business and ICT are successfully completed.


Projects are an important means for the development of organizations. KWD specializes in the successful realization of complex projects using a traditional and agile approach. We use the knowledge and experience we have gained from realizing these projects to professionalize our clients’ projects and project management organizations.

They are specialists in the field of project, programme, and agile management with a focus on achieving results

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Every company is an authority in its field. We solve your problems individually or together. We provide input and take responsibility for the implementation. We make it work. We provide support for all challenges related to the effective use of data and digital technology. Ready for the future of your organization.

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