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We are a system integrator, we integrate and upgrade existing hardware and software, and we develop our own in-house products.  

We developed these products ourselves

Everyone at Conclusion ForeyeT has an affinity with the public transport sector.  We use our wealth of experience and expertise to design and develop our own in-house products.  We provide services on a one-off basis for single projects, and deliver long-term solutions over an extended period.  For example, we keep passenger information displays operational on a 24/7 basis throughout the Netherlands. If we identify a weakness in an existing passenger information system, then we develop a new solution – both on request and proactively.  

The image shows the VTS at the airport of Hong Kong.

Variable Guidance Sign

This multi-functional guidance system for ground control at airports can survive the most extreme weather conditions, such as heat, cold, and storms. The VGS is therefore the ideal solution for outdoor deployment, such as next to a runway to guide pilots who have just landed to the right terminal. Because the information displayed on the VGS can be configured remotely, the VGS can be deployed in a wide range of situations. At this point in time, for example, we are working on the use of the VGS as a 'traffic light’ system for airplanes taxiing on the runway.

ForeyeT GPSunits Final 111966159169

Passenger and vehicle detection

We have developed a combination of hardware and software that can be used to make passenger and vehicle detection at efficient as possible. In this way we use our combined expertise to develop better software for an existing product, and thus avoid the cost of developing a totally new system. 

Two passengers at a train station are looking upwards at the travel information display which shows the smart clock. This device helps passengers to estimate the boarding time.

Intelligent Platform Clock

The Intelligent Platform Clock is installed on station platforms. As well as showing the time, it has rows of lights so that passengers can see straightaway how long they have to wait before the next train leaves. This reduces irritation amongst passengers, as they know exactly how long they will have to wait on the platform. It is particularly useful in locations where digital passenger information display systems would be too expensive. 

A smart boarding system to help passengers board the metro at the station

Intelligent Platform Bar Lite

This LED bar is mounted on station platforms so that passenger flows can be measured and managed more efficiently. The bar lights up in different colours to show the passengers where they can get on the trains, which helps to reduce the boarding time. The bar also shows passengers when they can board the train and when the doors are going to shut. The IPBL is currently undergoing trials in Beurs metro station in Rotterdam, the busiest metro station in the city, to see what effect it has on the passenger flows. The advantage of the IPBL for operators is that it enhances vehicle and passenger detection, and thus makes it easier to measure, spread, and evacuate the passenger flows. 

ForeyeT GareduNord total onder 1 002 111955793142

Future Reis Informatie Services

Our Future Travel Information Services (FRIS) provide our clients with a passenger information platform that can be used to interlock, configure, and manage all the different passenger information resources. It can be used for Dynamic Passenger Information Displays (DRIS), digital advertising displays, station infotainment displays, clocks, and other physical passenger information objects. FRIS will deliver the content in the right format and provides a back-end interface with all the public RIS platforms.    



At the heart of every mission-critical digital display and LED solution is a controller that regulates all the functionalities and continuously monitors the status of the solution.  We have developed the SensorBOX specifically for this purpose. This controller can be used for the control and monitoring of a wide range of sensors in all types of displays and LED solutions. The SensorBOX was designed and built by Conclusion ForeyeT and makes it possible for service engineers to quickly track down the source of any breakdowns. The SensorBOX provides information, amongst other things, about light frequencies, electricity supplies, internet connections, and information input. Thanks to the SensorBOX, the number of breakdowns has gone down and they can be fixed much quicker.   

SensorBOX version 2  

The second generation of the SensorBOX has a key position in the product road map of Conclusion ForeyeT. This upgrade now makes it possible for users to interface with IoT networks. Furthermore, the new SensorBOX provides remote control capabilities for display and LED solutions in locations which are difficult to access. This is particularly useful for systems with a wireless operating system. 

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