24/7 optimal uptime of mission-critical public systems

We offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions to ensure the continuous uptime of mission-critical public systems.




Public Transport

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9 februari 2021

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One of qualities is that we deliver 24/7 optimal uptime of mission-critical public systems. Our service engineers work day and night to make sure all the critical systems continue to function properly. Passenger information has to be available at all times so that passengers can always get the right information at the right time. We offer both hardware and software solutions. We often develop new software for an existing product, which enables us to reduce the amount of downtime. We do this without creating vendor locks for our clients. Since 2014, we have carried out more than 1000 preventative maintenance assignments in the form of complex mid-life upgrades, which included a mix of both hardware and software activities. 

We provide maintenance services for mission-critical public systems in various ways. For example, under contract to Nomad Digital Ltd., we have been ensuring the maximum uptime of the On Board Information Services (OBIS) of our customer Dutch Railways (NS) since 2014. The OBIS is the IT and passenger information system that is used on the Intercity and Sprinter trains of NS and other transport operators in the Netherlands. This is the system that is used to provide passengers with free Wi-Fi on trains. It is also used to display travel information and other content on the screens in the trains. Trains can be monitored remotely. We installed new GPS modules in all intercity trains, which make the location positioning of trains even more accurate. We also upgraded the antennas and modems on the trains so they can connect with the 4G network. More than 20,000 train units have been fitted with the OBIS system in the Netherlands, which makes it possible for our service engineers to carry out maintenance work and fix breakdowns during normal operating hours. This means we can fix our clients’ problems without causing any delays for passengers.  

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In addition, we provide maintenance services for all the digital passenger information displays of ProRail, which show passenger information for train services. These displays are installed in every station in the Netherlands in a range of different sizes. If a breakdown occurs, we make sure a specialist arrives on location to identify and fix the problem within a maximum of four hours. 

In 2013, RailTV was launched to improve the experience of passengers waiting on platforms. RailTV provides a varied range of daily programming on digital displays situated on the platforms. Our involvement in this project included the design and installation of the software for the platform displays. In collaboration with ProRail, RailTV was rolled out in every station in the Netherlands. 

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