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Cloud application journey

Support your evolution with cloud technology.

Lighter. More business-focused.

As an entrepreneur, you have a good idea of your market position. You know where you stand and look at developments around you. That gives direction to where you want your business to go. But is everything set up for that route? What if an outdated and fragmented application landscape slows down your business rather than speeding it up? What if you’re looking for scalability and flexibility, but struggling to get the migration sorted? Or are you losing control of operational costs? All these cases can be solved by a transformation, supported by our people, to an agile application landscape in the public cloud.

Up-to-date public cloud platform

At Conclusion, we can guide you on your journey toward an up-to-date development platform such as Cloud Native or Cloud Ready. This isn’t a quick fix, but a long-term journey in which we invest from both sides. Migration often turns out to be a complex process. Whether due to the legacy platform you’re still attached to, by adopting an approach that involves more technologies rather than rationalization to one, or simply because of the multifaceted nature of the process. Changes in technology also require adjustments in your organization and mindset shifts among employees.

Follow the journey

The journey starts with an inventory of your business drivers and objectives. We help you to specify them clearly. That’s because moving to the cloud isn’t an end in itself: there are more fundamental goals. These could be speed of innovation, pay-per-use, no capital investment in little-used hardware, incident reduction, or transparent allocation of costs to business departments. By clearly articulating your goals and anchoring them in the initial architecture, we ensure that everyone’s actions in the journey contribute to those goals. Count on two principles:

Just Enough (we don’t do more than is necessary) and Just In Time (we do it when we need it).

At Conclusion, we aim to achieve concrete results.

Application landscape analysis

Early in our journey, we often perform an analysis of the existing applications (some companies have already done this). Organizations aren’t always aware of how many applications they have or their value for the business. We then untangle the knot: what can be removed, what do you still want to continue with, and for how much longer? This rationalization, based on 6Rs methodology, brings the future efficiency of the landscape much closer. We know from experience that 15-30% of applications can be rationalized.

Technology roadmap

Alongside the business view on the value and necessity of applications, we’re keen to look at the technology side. Here, too, we find many duplications that lead to doubling of costs. Our architects draw up a technology roadmap, which indicates what the standard is, what we still tolerate, and what needs to be replaced as a matter of urgency. This provides a clear focus for the devops teams: they concentrate on the business – not on alternatives in terms of technology and tools.

We then design a basic public cloud target platform and supporting tools. We coordinate the chosen architectural principles with you along the journey.

Trust in N-1

When we design the architecture for a public cloud target platform, you can build on our principles. We minimize the number of platforms. Security and privacy are guaranteed by design. We favour pay-per-use for applications that benefit from this: they’re only ‘on’ when you need them, and you only pay for actual use. And both in the design and in the subsequent management of the application landscape, Conclusion works as standard according to N-1. This means current technology that’s continuously tested against the latest technology, and proven consistency with building blocks that reflect our best practice – our reference architecture. Careful management, continuous renewal, and further development of this N-1 guarantees the prevention of new legacy and leads to a secure, agile, and scalable application landscape.

What we do

Check business value

Together with the client, we reveal the business value of existing applications.

Analysis technology

We perform an analysis of the technology to produce a roadmap of suitable technology and an approach for applications that still use different technology.

This is how we also facilitate new initiatives: experimenting with new technology innovates this roadmap. 

Transforming together

We use the knowledge present within your organization and strengthen your teams with the people required for each phase. In cooperation, we steer towards the agreed result and seek to create devops teams for development and management.

From design to implementation

We design and build a platform in the cloud. We then use infrastructure as a code to create building blocks, so that we can integrate the applications and their infrastructure into the new architecture.


A supporting handbook

Once the basic principles for the architecture have been established, our architects create an Application Transformation Manual that sets out a number of scenarios based on the 5Rs or 6Rs methodology. With this handbook as a guide, the transformation can be performed with a number of teams according to scalable parameters.

Client testimonials about their flexible application landscape

What’s in it for you?
An agile and strategic change portfolio based on shared business priorities.
An up-to-date application landscape. Agile, scalable, and absolutely resilient.
Strengthened application teams that are involved as soon as strategic themes start to be discussed. With a base on which to build devops and scaled agile concepts. As you are used to from Conclusion, this can be done via the three constructions of ‘do it yourself’, ‘do it together’, or ‘have it done’.
A zero-risk live launch of your new application landscape.
Transparent costs, which the application owners – the product owners at the company – have control over.
Pay per use: only pay if you actually use it – no need for risky long-term investments.
Where to start?

You can come to us with any question, at any stage, and for any portfolio. All you have to do is ask. We are here to review, launch, implement, and manage your project – regardless of your starting point.

Harness the power of our ecosystem

The one-stop shop for application transformation. Support from A to Z and ‘24/7’ system maintenance.

  • Application rationalization
  • Application redesign
  • Application replatforming
  • Application support
  • Application health checks

Cloud application journey is one of the eight themes that help us to answer your questions about digitalization and transformation.

Want to know more about the value of a flexible application landscape?

Marco Schouten

Director of Conclusion Application Innovation
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