SAP is one of the largest producers of software that supports business processes.

Conclusion SAP partner

myBrand is a member of SAP’s Premium Partner Council. This means that we also contribute to the quality of this professional partner network. Customer satisfaction and a sense of responsibility are our guiding factors.

Taking responsibility

myBrand has grown to become the most forward-thinking SAP service provider in the Netherlands. We emphatically take responsibility for realizing effective support of your business operations. Our scope: SAP and low-code solutions.



How the producer Ausnutria uses SAP technology to streamline and harmonize its business operations.

Sligro SAP Retail environment


Sligro has chosen myBrand as its hosting and support partner for its new SAP Retail environment.

Contiweb SAP landscape


Contiweb ready for new phase after unbundling of SAP landscape. What to know how?

The following company within our ecosystem is a SAP expert

Partner for business transformation with SAP's Intelligent Enterprise and OutSystems. For long-term relationships with clients.

  • myBrand Conclusion

  • Integrated services
  • S/4HANA Implementations Conversions
  • Hosting, technical support
  • Functional support, DevOps
  • Licence management

Why choose Conclusion as your SAP partner?

Integrated services
More than 400 specialists
Your satisfaction is our priority
Member of SAP Premium Partner Council
Long-term partnership
VAR for more than 60 customers

From ‘ordinary’ organization to intelligent enterprise

Discover the contours of an intelligent enterprise. From a beckoning horizon to its practical implementation. Take a step closer to tomorrow with an organization that not only keeps up with but also initiates changes.

Want to innovate fast? Focus on culture!

Want to develop agile software using the DevOps method? Want to develop new functionality on top of a SAP backend? Want to improve cooperation between business and IT? Very few companies realize the need for a change in culture.

Customers that make use of SAP

Our customers have their say

In the Netherlands, myBrand is the partner with the most experience in retail – this is clear to us. The people at myBrand provide not only technical support but also business support. They understand our needs and know how to translate them into software.

Paul John Bakker

Head of Global Enterprise Solutions, ASICS

Paul John Bakker

myBrand not only has technical expertise but also domain knowledge. And, more importantly, the people at myBrand act like partners. They feel responsible for the success of our project.

Paul Slaats

Director of R&D, Contiweb

Paul Slaats - Contiweb

We are building our digital highway together with our partner myBrand. This is based on the myBrand Private Cloud and solid SAP Service.

Hendrik-Jan Smaal

Chief Information Officer, Heijmans

Hendrik-Jan Smaal

One thing is certain: your imagination is the limit.

Want to know more about us? Or about how we can help you on your way to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise?

Roel Knoppers

Operational Director