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Red Hat is the global market leader in Enterprise Open Source Software solutions, such as OpenShift, Linux, Ansible, Single Sign-On, and Integration.

Conclusion Red Hat partner

As a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, we provide Open Source solutions that work. For design, implementation, adoption, and management.

Red Hat Open Source

Conclusion Xforce is the Red Hat Premier Business Partner for data centre infrastructure and service/cloud infrastructure. Our long-standing relationship with Red Hat forms the basis for our customers’ success. And for our success. We believe in the power of Open Source.

Red Hat Middleware technology

Red Hat is a leading supplier of software solutions that have been developed with the help of the Open Source community. First8 is an Advanced Business Partner for Red Hat as well as for JBoss, OpenShift, Single Sign-On (KeyCloak), and Fuse.

Red Hat Integration

Red Hat Integration is a coherent set of Fuse, AMQ broker, and other integration technologies used to realize use cases. Virtual Sciences can help with this. In no time, you’ll be using data and functionality in a hybrid multi-cloud environment by means of an agile integration architecture.

Container platform guarantees dynamism

Container platform guarantees dynamism

How Conclusion Xforce collaborates closely on the implementation of a container platform. Goal: to help achieve the ambitions of a large organization in transition.

The following companies within our ecosystem are Red Hat experts

Dedicated specialists in the fields of Ansible, OpenShift, AWS and monitoring.

  • Conclusion Xforce

  • OpenShift
  • Ansible
  • AWS infra
  • Nagios XI

Ensure your applications run anywhere – with smart container technology

Develop applications with optimum performance and maximum scalability in no time at all. And also at lower costs. That is the power of multi-platforms and container technology. But how do you get them to work for you? As a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, we are happy to share our secrets with you.

Red Hat story

Why choose Conclusion as your Red Hat partner?

Automation with Ansible Automation Platform (Automation Controller)
Containerization with OpenShift / Kubernetes
Cloud infrastructures with OpenStack
Red Hat Enterprise Linux including SaaS Insights
Life Cycle Management with Red Hat Satellite
Hosting of your environment in a pay-as-you go model via CCSP subscriptions

Our services

Xforce helps to design, implement, and maintain automated platforms that facilitate innovation.

Open Source

Specialist in Ansible, OpenShift, AWS, monitoring, and application management.

Customers that make use of Red Hat

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Our platform team uses the OpenShift platform to integrate the functionality of multiple services.

Gerrit Elshout - Product Owner Platform Team, Schiphol

Would you like to know more about us or about how we can help your organization with open source solutions?

Jørgen van der Meulen

Jørgen van der Meulen

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