We specialize in customized applications based on Java & Open Source technology.
First8 is the leading Dutch Open Source and Java specialist
Our Java solutions help your business move forward.

We specialize in Java and Open Source customized applications

First8 is all about craftsmanship. We specialize in customized applications based on Java & Open Source technology. First8 employees works with Passion for the job! We offer our clients the most suitable solution, looking for the optimal balance between scalability, security, performance, and user-friendliness.

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Full-service, tailor-made solutions

Full-service, tailor-made solutions

From concept to working product! We think this is a good starting point, but it is often difficult to achieve in practice because you have to keep making adjustments. It’s not always easy to see the impact of tech-related decisions. What you need to make this happen is a reliable partner who understands your business case and the strategy behind it. First8 is one such partner. In this way, we know that we can work with our client to realize a future-proof solution with an architecture that suits your business strategy.

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Services

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Services

Modern times call for agile solutions. An internet-connected product might need to scale up quickly, sometimes without warning. Cloud-based solutions offer options for this. But not all Clouds are the same: what are the right choices for your specific business? How much do you want to invest up-front for independence or do you want to account for that cost later? How do you ensure your existing software is suitable for the Cloud? And what does that mean for the security of your system? Our clients often have to deal with such difficult questions. As a customized software supplier, we believe it’s essential to ask questions and provide input on the appropriate answers.

Cybercrime, security, and privacy by design

Cybercrime, security, and privacy by design

Software security is tricky. This is evident based on the many news reports of companies being hacked or data being leaked. And there’s an explanation for this: a small mistake is all a hacker needs to find to be able to abuse a system. While companies pile layers onto layers of security, they’re immediately subject to a significant risk if a small detail is forgotten. And because everything is connected to the Internet, security breaches are easily found regardless of whether you’re a known target or a random target. That’s why it’s important to constantly focus on security, both concerning the design of the software and in day-to-day operations.

Migration of Legacy applications

In a software landscape, we often encounter different generations of software. These range from brand-new solutions to old ‘black boxes’ that nobody has dared to touch for years. These are then often worked around, eventually resulting in entire pieces of software of which nobody is sure of their use or added value. As a result, maintainability and controllability often become unnecessarily complex and expensive. In the software industry, legacy software is frowned upon. But normally, legacy is something to be proud of. This is also our view of legacy software: rather than something you have to build a wall around, it’s something you have to maintain and upgrade.

Insourcing or sourcing of IT development

Insourcing or sourcing of IT development

Because we’re getting more and more signals from the market suggesting that there’s a need to find a supplier who can take full responsibility for an assignment, we have developed our ‘Teams as a Service’ service. This service ensures that the right expertise is present in the team at all times, and we both safeguard and guarantee continuity.

Benefit from our unique ecosystem

At Conclusion, we serve our clients by leveraging a unique ecosystem of IT and business-oriented companies. Each is an authority in their field. We’re a diverse team that inspires and reinforces each other. But how can this help you? As a client, you’ll always benefit from a customized solution that’s in line with your strategy and business goals. Get ready to unlock new opportunities.

First8 means work as well as enjoying being myself.''

Bob Kubista

Java Developer

Bob Kubista

Variety. That’s why I work for First8. This means doing various smaller and larger projects in all kinds of areas, rather than working on a single product or in a single market segment. That is the reason, combined with the good and informal team spirit at First8.''

Ted Vinke

Senior Java Developer

Ted Vinke

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The wide range of services offered by Conclusion is based on a very simple concept – the best combination of in-house experts and services to support every customer issue. With such a range of expertise and clout under one roof, we are the logical partner for every digital journey destined for tomorrow.

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