The Mendix Platform offers great speed and scalability. Business applications can be developed and deployed quickly. In addition, Mendix facilitates the entire application development cycle. From idea to implementation and continued development

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As an Expert Partner, we are happy to help you make the Mendix Platform a success. Whether you need mobile apps or enterprise applications with a high level of availability, your possibilities are endless!

Predictive maintenance application

Sensor data from assets makes predictive maintenance possible. To achieve this, you link this data to knowledge on failure mechanisms to see when a component needs replacing. It prevents you from replacing expensive parts too early. Or – even worse – too late. Together with our sister company Conclusion Connect, we used Python and Mendix to build an application for the predictive maintenance of motors.

From reactive solutions to pro-active management. The customer avoids surprises and saves on costs.

maintenance app - Cosun Beet Company

Maintenance engineering - Cosun Beet Company

How can you organize your maintenance efficiently? Our mobile maintenance app is just the ticket for the Cosun Beet Company.

Low-code platform – Automotive sector

Low-code platform – Automotive sector

An app to facilitate auditing? The Mendix low-code platform makes it possible. For the entire process.

Efficient ordering portal – MAN Truck & Bus

Efficient ordering portal – MAN Truck & Bus

A single portal in which the dealer configures, calculates, and issues quotations for a truck. Mendix makes this possible.

Fleetmanagement platform - Orion

Fleet management platform – Orion

All ambitions in one platform. Such as stakeholders that work together, have direct insight, and, above all, work more efficiently.

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If you want to move faster, you need to consider low-code applications. Innovate and accelerate from craftsmanship.

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