Royal FloraHolland signs five-year partnership extension with Conclusion

Conclusion is helping Royal FloraHolland further develop its digital and international trading platform for floriculture

Royal FloraHolland has signed a five-year extension to its partnership with business transformation and IT service provider Conclusion. This is an extension of the collaboration launched in 2017, outsourcing managed-services IT services and moving the application landscape to the public cloud. Conclusion will be providing more support to Royal FloraHolland in the digital transformation that is giving the organization a unique position in the industry. Royal FloraHolland is working with growers and buyers to create a future-proof floriculture marketplace with a single digital platform and physical hubs. Growers are also supported with services on easy trading, appropriate logistics and smart business.

April 2nd, 2024   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Royal FloraHolland continues collaboration with Conclusion

From physical auction to digital trading platform

Royal FloraHolland has made great strides in recent years to develop strategically as an internationally leading floriculture marketplace with a digital trading platform for growers and buyers, where supply and demand come together. This seeks to optimize pricing at the lowest possible cost. Thanks to the digital trading platform, buyers and growers around the world trade directly with each other, and their commercial processes are organized more efficiently.

Cloud-native architecture

With the new platform, Royal FloraHolland takes a position as the platform for global trade in floriculture. To realize this strategic ambition, Royal FloraHolland and Conclusion have joined forces to further digitize the processes and develop the IT landscape, based on a cloud-native architecture. Royal FloraHolland and Conclusion work together in DevOps teams, ensuring the renewal and continuity of the applications and the underlying infrastructure. In addition, Conclusion supports Royal FloraHolland in the operational service integration of third-party and SaaS solutions in its IT landscape.

A specialist for every challenge

To properly support Royal FloraHolland, Conclusion makes smart use of its own ecosystem by bringing in the right specialists. Conclusion Mission Critical plays a major role in infrastructure services, with its 24/7 operations center and cloud platform management. Conclusion Enablement handles the delivery of DevOps services, specialists and enablers in the field of application development and management. Conclusion also proactively advises on sustainable solutions, for example when it comes to reducing the footprint through digitization or making smarter use of cold rooms.

David van Mechelen, CFO of Royal FloraHolland, says of the partnership: "We have been working with Conclusion for seven years for part of our IT landscape. During this time, Conclusion delivered major achievements in the migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services). This prepared us for our next digital steps. We are pleased to have re-established the partnership for the next five years. Our ambitions are high, our pace is fast and we are confident that we are going to successfully continue along the path we have taken together in recent years."

Engbert Verkoren, CEO of Conclusion, on the contract extension: "We are extremely happy that we are going to continue the good collaboration with Royal FloraHolland. Together we have made huge strides in modernizing the IT landscape in recent years, and have been able to contribute to the growth of Royal FloraHolland. Moving forward with the partnership, we will also strengthen each other at the international level. We work in our ecosystem with an enthusiastic and committed team and are very much looking forward to contributing to the realization of Royal FloraHolland's strategic ambition and objectives in the coming years."

About Royal FloraHolland

Royal FloraHolland is the leading international cooperative and marketplace for floriculture. Growers have been joining forces for more than 100 years for the best market price, the basis of the international cooperative. This is how Royal FloraHolland strengthens sustainable success and international growth. With the digital platform Floriday and the physical hubs, supply and demand are optimally brought together at the lowest possible cost. Growers are also supported with services on easy trading, appropriate logistics and smart business.