Stronger together: how Paul works to achieve a unified customer experience  

“An entrepreneurial mindset lets us be at the forefront of change" 

From business transformation to data-drivenness and from software development to integration: bring together over 25 companies with unique specialties and you get the Conclusion ecosystem. Over 3,000 employees work here for more than 500 clients, backed by a solid foundation of cooperation and connection. A multitude of experts collectively sink their teeth into complex problems to arrive at objective recommendations. There isn’t a challenge out there that we shy away from. The power of our ecosystem may be the sum of its parts, but how do you find one another in such a vast business landscape? Various colleagues discuss what cooperation looks like for their daily duties within this ecosystem. Paul de Metter, Chief Technology Officer at 4NG Conclusion, is a born entrepreneur and technology expert. He explains how an entrepreneurial mindset makes collaborating within the ecosystem easier and more fun – and how multiple companies work together from that principle to provide a unified customer experience. 

February 29th, 2024   |   Blog   |   By: Conclusion


Paul de Metter

Multiple domain experts, a joint mission 

Paul de Metter is an unparalleled font of knowledge about working in an ecosystem of companies. That’s part of his role as CTO of 4NG Conclusion, the digital agency group that operates as a smaller ecosystem within the greater Conclusion sprawl. The core of an ecosystem, according to Paul, is that you serve customers from different entities, each with its own expertise, while collectively providing a unified customer experience. “Every company is motivated to offer customers the ultimate experience. That perspective makes it completely logical to want to help customers with everything. It is possible to go full-service, but some solutions really do require domain experts,” he asserts. “It is impossible to be a specialist in every single field all on your own. That is why we opted to specialize. From there, we have the option of collaborating with various external partners, but providing a unified customer experience takes more than that.” 

What Paul means by “more’ is a shared culture and vision. “It is important to work in the same way toward a shared mission: providing the best possible service to customers,” he explains. “In other words, you need to operate as a unified team with one single task. This also means that you need to be able to collaborate as direct co-workers. Within an ecosystem, all of this is possible.” 

The mindset of an entrepreneur 

Paul believes that an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to successful collaboration within an ecosystem. “An entrepreneur is proactive. They always want to learn and gain inspiration to provide their customers with even better service. They seek people out and keep expanding their network. That proactive attitude, combined with a network, is worth its weight in gold within Conclusion. That’s exactly what ensures that you will know where to find the other experts when you need them. If you invest in that relationship, you will be able to accelerate as needed.” 

An entrepreneurial mindset lets us be at the forefront of change

Paul de Metter

Experimenting for the purpose of learning 

The entrepreneurial mindset is also important when it comes to providing service. “If you want to serve the customer well, you have to be at the forefront of change,” Paul believes. “That means not just being very familiar with the current market trends, but also experiencing them first-hand. In my opinion, that’s a matter of learning, adapting and improving. I see it as one big experiment. Take AI, for example. That will soon become part of everything we do – so I want to know what it is, how it works and what I can do with it. From there, I just start experimenting. On my own initiative, as an entrepreneur, because I want to explore this technology. The more we experiment ourselves, the more important the lessons we learn from those experiments, which can then be put into practice on behalf of our customers.” 

A single team tailored to the current challenge 

Paul believes that the Conclusion ecosystem really shines when exploring a technological trend such as AI. “As Conclusion, we created a joint AI proposition. That’s too big to manage on your own, so we bring together all the CTOs from all the companies to brainstorm. That’s when you make real progress. And by regularly collaborating at this level, you really get to know each other. From that valuable foundation, we can roll up our collective sleeves and make it happen together. Different companies work together in the back end, but the customer sees us as a single team tailored to the current challenge, providing a unified customer experience.” 

Lead the change


As digital developments evolve at warp speed, how do you maintain control? Because those who do not adapt, do not survive. The art of digital transformation is to lead the change, before change leads you.