Facilicom partners with Conclusion for its data-driven transformation

Transition to new IT environment lays a further foundation for data-driven operations

Utrecht – IT service provider Conclusion and facility services provider Facilicom Group are taking the next step in their partnership. Conclusion has assumed responsibility for the daily IT operations from 1 April. At the same time it is tackling the transformation to a new work environment. The renewed partnership has been concluded within the context of Facilicom Group’s IT strategy.

April 28th, 2022   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


The most important thrust of the partnership is to accelerate the transition to data-driven operations. The IT foundation will first be established to this end, with significant attention devoted to digitization and unburdening. The IT support encompasses all end users of Facilicom Group and its labels in the Netherlands and Belgium. Facilicom Group has also been taking application services from Conclusion since 2019.

Pieter Zeestraten, CIO at Facilicom Group: “In our IT strategy we have defined that technology is a major driver. This requires a good, reliable and innovative partner. That’s exactly what we have found in Conclusion.”

The end user is paramount

The transition to a reliable, secure and future-proof IT environment is crucial to achieve Facilicom Group’s IT agenda. Conclusion will take care of this with future-proof Modern Workplace, Cloud and Network services, all based on tried and tested cloud technology and market standards. Conclusion is also responsible for the entire Customer Care, service integration and management of the entire Facilicom Group IT chain. The design of the IT environment is people-driven, where the end-users’ experience is paramount.

Data-driven operations

The Facilicom Group is running a data-driven work program. The focus on data-driven work is a vital driver in Facilicom Group’s business strategy, which is to keep developing distinctive and customer-driven services. Essential to this are up-to-date insights into global developments, business operations and client requirements. The tightness of the labor market is also impelling Facilicom Group to offer its employees the best possible support.

Zeestraten: “We want to provide employees with optimum support, and data-driven work will help with that. By way of illustration: we help our clients to manage their buildings, among other things by monitoring rooms and the presence of people using sensors. The data from these sensors lets us save energy by not heating or cleaning rooms when no people are present. We are also able to measure and improve the air quality, which is a vital precondition for healthy work. We also want to use this data to make predictions for customers, for example in terms of energy consumption or the prevention of installation malfunctions. That’s something our clients and colleagues can enjoy every single day. Conclusion has proven itself to be the ideal partner in SAP, AFAS, low-code and project management over the past three years. This helps us add value by realizing concrete and useful solutions in our complex environment.