Bright Alley joins forces with 4NG, Conclusion’s digital experience agency.

Content, expertise, and dynamics make Bright Alley and 4NG the perfect match. 

Starting 1 January, Bright Alley, an expert in custom digital learning solutions, joined 4NG, Conclusion’s digital experience agency. 4NG assists organizations throughout the digital customer journey and user experience. Bright Alley’s expertise in didactics, (game) design, user experience (UX), and development is what makes them a stellar match for 4NG. Bright Alley has been a Conclusion subsidiary since 2002 and has 30 employees.

February 6th, 2023   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Bright Alley joins forces with 4NG, Conclusion’s digital experience agency.

Eefje Albers, Director of Bright Alley: “Joining 4NG creates tons of new opportunities. 4NG puts the customer first in all its solutions, while Bright Alley has a complementary employee-first policy. Our mindsets and ethos coalesce effortlessly. As a group, 4NG boasts UX, UI, development, and digital innovation expertise. And it feels like coming home. I’m looking forward to tackling customer issues as a team and boosting the quality of our solutions up a notch.”  

Oscar van der Horst, Bright Alley’s Head of People & Operations: “We’re joining a network of like-minded folks. There's a click in terms of content, expertise, and dynamics. We share the same interests and concerns. We partner with an enthusiastic team to provide people with an engaging, inspirational digital experience.” 

Ton Renes, the Founder of 4NG: “Bright Alley adds a new skill set to our mix, i.e., digital learning expertise. What’s more, the agency has a great portfolio of government and commercial clients and prospects. We’re always on the lookout for partners with the potential to elevate our group. And those prospective partners? It’s essential that they take the lead in their field. That way, we can serve our customers faster, better, and more comprehensively. So, we’re proud to now have Bright Alley on board and part of our group.” 

4NG and Conclusion are a winning combo 

 4NG’s corporate family has been part of Business Transformation and IT Service Provider Conclusion’s ecosystem since 2021. Bert Jan de Jongh, Director of Business Transformation at Conclusion: “The transition to our digital agency group is an excellent, logical one because Bright Alley will overwhelmingly surround itself with like minds. Now, as a group of more than 400 professionals, we can provide Conclusion clients with even more coherent and differentiated solutions.” 

About 4NG 

4NG assists companies with digital growth and helps get them on the right track to a higher level of professionalism. Design & Technology, Data & Performance, and Strategy are just a few areas in which 4NG partners with clients like WWF, Leaseplan, Buma Stemra, and Talpa. As a group, 4NG evolved out of 4net interactive, founded in 2002. In addition to 4net interactive, the brands Brainbrothers (sourcing) and Nextfields (strategy & performance), PossibilIT (Dynamic CRM, Salesforce & subscription commerce), Arlanet (Umbraco and Episerver), Netvlies (WordPress, Drupal, Symfony), Bikkelhart (CRO and UX-design), theFactor.e (digital agency), and Nexwork are all part of 4NG. All told, the company employs over 400 people.

About Bright Alley 

 Bright Alley is the market leader in custom digital learning solutions. Under the motto – “We set employees in motion.” – Bright Alley solutions have boosted company success for over 27 years. Bright Alley elevates awareness, know-how, and behavior to the right level with, e.g., e-learning, serious games, learning apps, and integrated program solutions. Doing so solidifies the link between daily work practices and diverse topics such as onboarding, safety, and compliance. The company is home to around 30 experts in the fields of didactics, (game)design, user experience, and development.

About Conclusion 

Conclusion is an IT service provider operating as a bridge-builder between strategy, business and technology. The company distinguishes itself by its ecosystem of more than 25 expert Dutch companies specializing in business transformation and IT services. Each of these companies is an authority in its own field. Together they guide medium to large companies and governments on their digital journey to tomorrow. Conclusion takes responsibility for mission-critical, society-critical business processes and systems, at the very heart of Dutch society.